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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Letters

Time for Sunday Letters with Michelle and all my friends over at BTL's blogging challenge.
Dear Sunday Letters:
How I've missed this outlet. You are fun and quirky and snarky and sarcastic. I love that about you. It's like therapy only cheaper.
this mid-west teach

Dear Teachers across the Midwest:
I love blogging with you and following you on social media and finding out what is happening all across the nation (and beyond sometimes). This summer I have been super jealous of friends who got to go to the meet-up at Mr. Greg's in Nashville and of all you out at the conferences in Vegas. I wish I was there to meet you. You have changed my life and I've grown so much as a teacher by reading about your lives and times at school. You have encouraged me and I've laughed and cried and gotten sarcastic with you. I am a better teacher because of you all. I just want to meet you all!
lonely teach in the midwest

Dear Midwest teachers (again),
Let's Meet! Let's mark a date next summer and meet up somewhere in the Midwest! If I plan this thing, it will most likely be in Kansas, my home state. But I am dying to see you and craft with you and talk about all you are doing!
Kindergarten in Ms. Horn's World

Dear Kiddo,
I love you to the moon and back. I wish you were more flexible sometimes. But I love how sweet and loving you are. You are why I get out of bed every day.

Dear Alice,
I don't know if it was okay to pee and poop inside at your last home, but it is NOT okay here! I don't know how we are going to break this terrible habit of yours, but trust me, we are going to break it. You are cute, but not cute enough to get away with this.
the lady that drags you outside while you're pottying....


  1. Awesome! When I started the last letter, I was like OH NO--I did not do that in your house, oh, wait, not me... Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I think perhaps there needs to be more on that last letter in a future blog!
    I love the letters too - I gotta stay consistent with them! :-) Is twice a month the right amount or only once? They're pretty easy to write, right?

  3. I wasn't sure where that last letter was going...Love it!

  4. Alice the dog finally got caught in the act... and I drug (dragged?) her outside in the act! She is sneaky and hard to catch and really doesn't care that I go ballistic about the relieving herself in the house! But I do feel a blog coming on dedicated to her and her antics! And Alyce my teacher friend.... of course you would never.... !