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Monday, July 6, 2015

Fun Summer Plans

Today I am linking up with Michelle at Big Time Literacy to talk about fun summer plans. When I read the prompt, I thought.... I don't have any plans! My hope and goal is that we can do "little" somethings that are not too far from home and don't cost too much money. This Spring we went to visit family in St. Louis over Spring Break and it was a wonderful time. Now there is a party planned in St. Louis, a 50th wedding anniversary celebration, so we will be returning at the end of July. I can't wait to go back. We will hopefully get to go to Busch Gardens and see the Clydesdales this time. Last time we were there we could see the colts, but they were not open yet, so we hope to see them up close and personal this time!

I didn't make a "summer bucket list" this year, but some places we want to visit includes Mushroom Rock State Park. It is less than an hour from me and I have never been there. Can you believe it? And Rock City out by Minneapolis, Kansas is another one that I want to go see, but I've never been to at this point in time.

Fun summer plans include: making bubbles with my family.... the really big ones; tie-dying (summer is half over and we haven't done this at all yet, yikes); a day-trip or two to the above mentioned places; a trip to OK for school supplies on tax free weekend! I don't know if I will be able to swing that last one financially. But I'd love to plan some family time around tax-free weekend.

So far this summer we went on a family adventure to KC with my parents, aka the grandparents, and went to a Royals game. We had GREAT seats and my Dad had the patience of Job and stood by the dugout with the Punkin for an hour waiting on an opportunity to get "her" glove signed (which ACTUALLY happens to be my sister's glove from when we were growing up). But they DID get a signature! Whoot! And we ate bad food and had great seats. It was a lot of fun. Even wearing our crazy cheap rain ponchos back to the car was fun. The next day we discovered Granite City for lunch (yum.... and they have fabulous gluten free options), and Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs was a hoot, perfectly touristy for us!

 Today is "Made it Monday" and one of my fun summer plans includes having something to post about by the end of the day! Not sure what or how. Maybe if I could find the installation cd for my printer, I could get some center activities printed today. If I make the number sense gems, like the alphabet ones, I don't they will be photograph ready by the end of the day.

My redhead is far from home today and tomorrow is her birthday. I plan to put a package in the mail today. :)

My plans are not grandiose or even that exciting, but I am still pretty pumped about them!


  1. Where in OK will you shop? And what is this tax-free event you speak of? So many questions... Your summer looks full and open. :)

    1. Well, all the info I have right now says it is just on clothes, but this has not been the case in the past and I assume this listing will change. I believe it is any purchase under $100. This makes it a good time to visit Hobby Lobby and back to school stores, teacher stores, or get bigger, but not big, ticket items like a microwave (that is one thing I got during tax free weekend when we moved to OK). Here is a link, but like I said, I think it needs updated:
      I don't know exactly WHERE I'll go shopping yet. I think it would be fun to go to Tulsa or the City and stay the weekend. But that costs $$ too!

  2. sounds like awesome plans - you better get on that tye-dying! I am realizing that I don't have many days left of sitting around doing not much of anything, which I really love to do, too!