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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Remember When.....

Today's prompt for Michelle's blogging challenge is "Remember When...." I could really reveal my age here if I wanted to. I could throw in some of these~ "Remember when.... a candy bar cost $.25?" "Remember when our weekly allowance was $1 and we bought a candy bar and a soda and had money left over?" Heh heh. But I have a lot of other memories running through my head too.

Here are a couple for some of my teaching friends....

Alyce: Remember when you interviewed me for daycare and asked me a lot of "what if" questions? That youngster is driving now, hard to believe that the time is gone already. I like to give you a hard time for your thorough interview, but the truth is that I admire you for being a passionate parent.

Ginger: Remember when you were Jessica's 2nd grade teacher and I was a scared little thing trying my best to parent with no prior knowledge? That girl is in her 30's now. Hard to believe.....  Thanks for being such an inspiring force of stability in her life that year.

Now for the rest of the world, as I remember it....

 Kids: Remember when I talked to you about moving to OK for my job? I am glad we went, but I'm glad to be back home too. Did you know.... It is cheaper to live in other states in the midwest, Kansas is expensive?!

FHSU profs: remember when I would wait til the last minute and then ask you a ton of questions? I am still like that.

Stephanie: Remember how scared I was when I started student teaching? Thanks for making my confidence soar and for being such a fabulous role model. I know I am a good teacher and I know it is because of the great role models I have had!

Good Ole Days: Remember me? And a little AC/DC and some drinks and getting wrecked? Yeah, me neither. I don't remember much from those days. That is why they are in the past. Some things are better left alone.

Children: Remember the first summer we lived in our new house and how *cRaZy* I was about keeping it clean and the counters wiped off with bleach and everything had to be perfect? I would take a little bit of that kind of ambition back, but not to the point of crazy.

BFF: Remember when we met? We were a mess and we thought we were so healthy! Thanks for loving me through thick and thin.  I wish we got to spend more time together, but I'm happy you've found the love of your life.

LLBFF (life-long best friend forever): Remember when? I remember all of it. I remember when we became friends and the year that we were not friends because you were bff's with Denise Winter, and I remember the first summer you met Gary and when we were not friends in high school and when we were friends again and I remember our lives changing and I know how far we've come because I can remember all of it. How about you?

Jaymie: I remember when you were born. I'll never forget.

Danielle: I remember your 8th birthday the best. We were getting ready to move back to H-town and we hung out together a lot that summer. I remember many more times, good and bad. I think about you every day.

Sometimes "remember when's" are good. But sometimes they take me back to someone I wasn't so proud of. Today I know that I can look back and reflect and move forward and change. I am grateful for that!


  1. Replies
    1. I love that we have found each other again and that our paths have some similarities on them (like daycare and teaching....).

  2. I love the remember whens! and I love that beginning part, and your 'heh heh' hahhahaha :-) Made me laugh!