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Friday, July 24, 2015

Big Time Bloggers

In a couple hours we will be on the road for a family reunion/celebration in St. Louis. Last night the St. Louis Cardinals played my Royals. Oh how I wish I could have attended that game with my cousins! For day 24 of the blogging challenge, we are writing about great bloggers or who we follow in social media. Due to the already mentioned trip we are embarking on, I will be keeping these short and sweet and let you discover them for yourself! Join us over at BTL to read about great bloggers!
First of all, I follow a long string of bloggers and I never know from week to week which one will impart that gem of wisdom that week with what they write about or products they give away. Here are a few of what I am calling my Big Time Bloggers. They may not have made the Big Time but they are influential in my blogging world (and influence my teaching).

  • Big Time Literacy with Michelle Brezek. The inspiration behind this challenge. Michelle is always learning more about literacy and writing and blogging about it and putting it to use in her life. She also does a lot interactive blogs or linky parties and I love Sunday Letters. Check them out sometime. Here is a link to one of them. 
  • Mrs. Bartel's School Family composed by Alyce Bartel. Alyce is my IRL friend and my bloggy land friend. She is the one who came and helped me pack to move to OK as a first year teacher and when I asked for advice she said, "read blogs and join linky parties." 
  • The Kindergarten Smorgasbord with Mr. Greg. Greg Smedley-Warren, who is funny, innovative, down to earth and thinks and acts outside the box. This guy is passionate about teaching and learning and I love following him. He introduced me to the concept of alternative seating (not there yet, but it's in the back of my mind now).
  • Simply Kinder. I am part of this facebook group. Facebooks groups are a new thing in my life in the last six months or so and they have been a game changer for me. Last year I was in a school situation where I had no other primary teachers to talk to and I needed to find some support! 
  • Kindergarten Teachers Unite! is another facebook group. Check them out too! 
  • First Grade Gab Group is the first group I found and it was a lifesaver/game-changer! It's a closed group (as they all are) and what I post can only be seen by group members. It feels a little safer than just regular fb and other social media. I don't want to air my problems everywhere but sometimes a girl's gotta vent. in a safe place. with no judgment. without hurting others and putting it all out there. Love this group! I am not teaching first grade this upcoming year, but I don't want to give it up! 
  • Doodle Bugs Teaching with Casey. She hosts my all-time favorite linky party: Five for Friday, where teachers post 5 random things from their week from school or home and tell about them. 
  • Oh' Boy 4th Grade with Farley. She hosts a monthly linky called Currently. It gives the chance to tell what are currently up in several categories (listening, loving, needing, wanting, etc.). It is short, sweet and to the point. There are rules to her linky that I try my best to follow as a general rule. 
  • Two Writing Teachers and their Slice of Life. They have a daily blogging challenge in March, which I view as a hard month to faithfully blog because of parent/teacher conferences and Spring Break, but I did it this last year and didn't make everyday, but felt successful at it nonetheless. They do a weekly Slice of Life on Tuesdays, check them out. 
So the pups have to be at the vet at 8, and there's a van that still needs packed. And a Mom that actually needs to do a little packing yet too. Happy Friday folks, and check out the blogs and other social media connections that influence my writing and my teaching. 

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  1. Great list! I loved reading why you liked each. Thank you for sharing!!!