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Monday, July 27, 2015

Assess Me, week One....

I love linky parties. And I found a new one. How cool. I have been considering trying to start something on my own blog, but it seems like my ideas are just ideas that someone has already had. So I am not sure what I'll do. But The Tattooed Teacher is having a get to know you linky, so I am joining up!
Download your own copy if you want to play! Or just read what everyone fills in. Here goes.... 
The directions say we don't have to expand on this, but we can! And I love talking about myself. Oh no. Did I just admit that out loud and in print?! Apparently. 
1. Do I talk to myself? Of course! I am one of the smartest people I know and I certainly wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to tell myself something, especially when it involves telling myself how much I messed something up! Ha. Seriously, I would never remember everything if I didn't talk to myself. Me, Myself and I keep a running dialogue. 
2. Are you Superstitious? I would like to say no. But it's just not true. I really am superstitious. 
3. Do you crack your knuckles? Not as much as I used to, because now I am experiencing the effects of all those years of cracking my knuckles. If you can break kids of cracking them, great, because it's a hard habit to break and it's really true, it contributes to arthritis. 
4. Are you hungry? Okay.... I just got up, I'm not very hungry. But as a general rule, yes. Food is the love of my life. So I am always hungry.
5. Is your television on? Blissfully.... no. And a little surprisingly. We are a tv watching bunch. But on the drive home from St. Louis yesterday we discussed limiting TV time. 
6. do you have your wisdom teeth? no. I had them all surgically removed. 
7. Have you showered today? I am going walking after this, so no. 
8. Have you been to disney? Yes, and I would love to take my girls to the Magic Kingdom. *sigh* Maybe someday.
9. Do you wear glasses? Yes. When I was a teenager I went in for my eye exam and my eye doctor said.... "'re still driving?!" I think that means I need them. 
10. I live in a small town that I went to college in that is just 25 miles from "home." 

Here we are, just days from the end of the blogging challenge. I have loved blogging, but like Michelle earlier in the week, I am needing to take a break and keep it light. I have a ton of "deep subjects" that I am passionate about, but today I'm keeping it light. Don't forget to read about our lives at Big Time Literacy.

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