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I am a Kindergarten Teacher through and through. I have taught in some other positions (K-4 in a PBL school and a Reading Tutor teaching small group reading in a reading room) and Kindergarten is definitely the best! I love teaching! I have discovered the use of facebook for the classroom and have a "secret group" for my class parents. I love this! It is fast, easy and informational!

I hope I never become the teacher who has "always done it this way...." I hope I'm always open to new things. I am entering my 4th year as a teacher and every year I feel like I learn so much.

I am a single mom living in Central Kansas. I teach in a high poverty school and love every minute of it. Okay, maybe not EVERY minute, but I feel like I am reaching kids, making a difference and teaching my students. We have two dogs and a cat at home who put up with my long hours at school (okay, they don't really have a choice).

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  1. Keep praying. Lots of schools hire after they get some beginning numbers. One of my positions, I was hired the Friday before Labor Day Weekend and school started on Tuesday. It does happen.