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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Yesterday I had an exciting experience! I met my blogging friend from Chicago! We met in a blogging challenge in 2013. She has hosted some of my favorite blogs as well. For awhile she hosted "Sunday Letters," which I adored. As we evolve in our careers, blogging changes. This year I have not blogged. Not really at all. This makes me sad to think about. I have not nurtured my writing gene. But I have remained connected with my blogging friend, a Literacy Coach for middle school students. She thinks it is difficult to teach Kinders and Firsties ("Littles"). I think she's a saint for teaching middle school age students. I know about her life. She knows about mine. Now we have this face-to-face experience to add to a friendship we've been growing for 4 years now. This meeting is a way to enhance a friendship, not the beginning. As a bonus, I am excited to blog again.

Today we are going to watch the Cardinals game! A Cubs fan and a Royals fan, watching the Cardinals and the Phillies.