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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Beginner's Guide To....

Today's prompt for our blogging challenge is: A beginner's guide to....  I thought about filling in, "the galaxy." But I think that is the hitchhiker's guide and I've never actually read that book. So I took a short mental inventory into what I could write a beginner's guide about and..... I couldn't really figure it out. There are just so many areas that I just have so much more to learn.

This is your introduction to the beginner's guide to sarcasm.
Step one: put those cheesy jokes in the back of your mind and hold on to them. You might need them. Be careful though, they are gateway jokes. They get young innocents to thinking along devious lines and figuring their own road to sarcasm. Keep a hold of those smart*** sayings that may not make sense to others but keep you laughing. But of course, now my minds is blank, I can't remember anything funny at all. I remember when I was kid and the phone would ring and my dad would sit there and say out loud as I answer it "pool hall, 8 ball speakin'", but everyone's jaws dropped when I answered that way when I was around 10.

You know, I don't really think I can school you in sarcasm. Sorry. I think you have to have been born with it. I see it in my daughter, sometimes she just can't help it, the orneriness takes over and she has to just go with it.

So I guess my beginner's guide is blown. Sorry folks. I don't think I'm qualified to comment. You can pick up some sarcasm from me, I will share freely. I'll run my mouth and either irritate you or endear you forever too. It's all part of the free service I offer.

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