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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Big Time Blogging Challenge Day 26

Three attempts to start this blog tonight. Attempts to make it sensible and explain all my random thoughts to you. And my thoughts just are not logical and don't go it some rational order. I had an idea for a blog title. My idea was.... I live my life in movie quotes and song lyrics. Sad, but true. An off the wall for instance, we were decorating cupcakes for company. There were different shades of color we could make by using different dye combinations. So I asked my daughter if she wanted neon purple or deep purple. Then I said, "oh man...." and she says "what?" and my oldest and I start in... Duhn duhn duhn, duhn duhn dada, duhn duhn duh  da da. "Huh?" "Smoke On the Water baby....!" Okay, that seemed much more catchy replaying in my head earlier than it does now. But we are known for breaking into character from movies, quoting lines and using accents as well as defining moments with song lyrics.

Sunday letters is a favorite of mine, but tonight I am not focused. I guess I could focus on that.

Dear Brain Waves,
Please come back to the same place at the same time. Maybe then the message would be more clear. (I can see clearly now, the rain has gone....). Oh boy, here we go again. Wait! That is a different song with a much different meaning/feeling attached. Did you know that it is most helpful to head bang while singing "Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known...." And be sure to crank it up loud.
the cross-wired body that houses your crazy waves

Dear New Teacher,
Remember Rule 62. Don't take yourself too damn seriously.
the serious one in room 103

Dear Veteran Teacher,
You either. Rule 62 applies to you as well.
with all sincerity,
Ms. Horn

Dear Children,
If I hear you whine or complain about one more of the many gifts and blessings in your life, well, ugh. I don't even know what to say. You will be grounded. From what? I don't know. Whining. Or maybe I'll sentence you to speak in only your whiny voice for an entire day. Oh. Right. They say the first rule of parenting is not to sentence kids to a punishment that you will pay for. Never mind then. I might ground you from talking for a day.

Dear Family,
Thanks for the weekend. Sorry I am such a high-strung driver. It's a good thing I have it all together in the other areas of my life.
As you know,
the signee of this letter is a liar.

Good night folks. It was a great weekend. Oh wait. One more.

Dear Uncle Paul and Aunt Marilynn:
Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! And congrats on pulling off such a beautiful celebration! I can see how well your children were raised and I can see the grandkids are becoming responsible young people as well. I enjoyed every last bit of your celebration. And it is quite a feat in this day and age to make it to 50 years of marriage. The best in yet to come!
your Kansas niece

Okay, now I really am quitting. But don't let that stop you! Go to BTL's page and see that the scoop is for new teachers.


  1. Your letters are a riot! You're almost done with this challenge!!! 🎉🎉🎉