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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July.... already?

July is here! Time to link up with Farley for Currently.

Listening.....I love that time in the morning when I can listen to the birds chirping and just take in nature and start my day off slow and easy. I love it when I am up before the Punkin and the house is quiet. Today is no exception.

Loving..... today I am in love with summer vacation. I basically worked 10 days in a row, first I worked 4 days at my summer job, then 3 days of training/PD, and then 3 days at the summer job again. And having to listen to a friend tell me that it is a good dose of reality because most people don't get the summer off.... I had a few choice words  that I won't express here.... I am already in a panic as to how I am going to balance the work obligation with all the other things I want/need to accomplish to be ready to roll for school next year! But after 10 days of something everyday and some days obligations during the day followed by obligations in the evening, I am grateful for four days of nothing. I did have to play catch up in a book study, but now I am reading for pleasure, and yes, I am running errands I need to fulfill for my job (I got fingerprinted again yesterday, seriously people, I don't think I can tell you just HOW many times I have been printed in the last 4 years.... sub license, student teaching license, Kansas license, OK license, school district in OK, background check in OK.... yeah, I got fingerprinted three times in a matter of weeks that year!.... and so on). Anyway.... all that complaining to say that I am LOVING the lazy days of summer this week and the summer job obligation is going to be hard for me this weekend!

Thinking.... I have been out of school for an amazingly long time already. The time is flying by. I can't believe it. Do I have my centers all planned? Nope. Do I think I have a pretty good idea what I want to do the first week? Maybe. Really I probably only have about half of my centers ready for the beginning of the year.

Wanting.... this one might actually be my "needing" category. I am very lonely and I have known this for awhile, but last night it overwhelmed me. I have been longing for a "love of my life" for awhile, but this is different, this is deeper, because in my experiences loves come and go but best friends are.... well, in theory, they are forever. But I am needing some girl time and some time to be real, even if it isn't pretty.

Needing.... to get ready! I meet with my partner tomorrow and I have some notes of where I want to go, but really I want to goal set and discuss what we want to do. One of my hopes is that we can combine our Tier2 time and our small group times and do guided reading and guided math together. It doubles the teacher interaction and divides the number of groups that one person has to master. I'll be bringing this up tomorrow.

 AllStar.... well, I am really good at living behind a wall of denial in my own life while being brutally honest with you about your life, but a lot of my friends had already mentioned the honesty piece.  Sometimes I wonder if I survived the Great Depression or what. Can't get rid of that 1" X 5" scrap of material, might be able to use it in some unknown/unplanned project in the future. Cans? Save them, we can't put them into mother Earth. Tissue boxes? Well, I bet we can use them for something.... Really?! One of my friends put that she's an AllStar at decluttering. My house needs her to come and live here awhile.

What are you doing Currently? Are you enjoying the sounds of nature? Are you drinking one more cup of coffee? Are you gardening? Walking? Taking care of your own health? I am going to read about it over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and then I'm going to go out and conquer my day, one relaxing task at a time.....


  1. How long have you been out of school? I am still in denial about summer ending!

  2. I haven't even made it to the end of school yet, but I hear you about holidays flying by... especially when you have to work during it! Make sure you get your girl time, its super important!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

    1. Oh my goodness Sarah where do you teach? Are you on an all year schedule? My last day was May 12.

  3. Good luck with planning for next year...I haven't even taken my teaching bag out of the car yet! Maybe I need to do a little at a time so I don't go crazy in September. Enjoy the rest of your summer!