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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BTL Blogging Challenge.... Introduction time

Well, as you all know... I'm Carrie and I'm addicted to.... more things than I can possibly say. But in regard to this, I am in love with writing and teaching and I'm super excited about teaching Kindergarten this year! To find out the low-down on my teaching journey, read HERE.

I am joining Michelle for her blogging challenge. What I hope to gain is.... writing practice/discipline. I love to write and I find it relaxing, fulfilling and enjoyable. I also hope to learn more about my blogging buddies, forge new friendships, and learn from other people's experiences. I love hearing about what else is going on in classrooms across the country.

I hope that one day I will have the good fortune to compile my musings and writing a book. I really don't know if anyone wants to know what I have to say, but I do know that I love pounding out my thoughts on the keyboard.

Two summers ago when I first moved back to Kansas after my first year of teaching I discovered Michelle's challenge and I loved it. I hope to be a faithful contributor even if I don't write every day.


  1. There is something good about pounding the keys while I look out the window. Love. Happy July!!!

    1. It is therapeutic. And now the rain and thunder are rolling in. Fun to watch from the kitchen table.

  2. I totally love to write too! I'm on vacay and keep sneaking moments to read blogs!

  3. I love to write too. Just haven't had the guts to blog . . . yet!

  4. I hear ya Lisa. I love to write but I'm terrified to share my stories.

  5. I enjoy writing as well. It surprises me sometimes when I remember that writing was my least favorite subject in school. :)