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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It is a brand new month. This is exciting, invigorating and well.... a little frightening. I can't believe that we have entered the middle of summer and let's face it, school is just around the corner! I am linking up with Farley for July Currently!

Here we go!

Netflix: a blessing and a curse. Everyone at our house has our less than stellar programs that we like to watch just like "regular" television.  Too bad Punky likes Pound Puppies!

Okay, you all are going to be so sick of hearing about it but.... I love my job. I love the fact that I got a job, but I also love, love, love that I found the "just right" job for me! Easy? no, it won't be easy. There will be long nights, tears, and at some point I am going to wonder what I got myself into. But I am a go-getter and I am probably going to face those same fears, obstacles and insecurities no matter what I do or where I work! Two and a half weeks ago I accepted a position at a very small project based learning school. I will be teaching grades K-4. Yeah, that is the truth. So will I be overwhelmed? Yes. But will I also encounter the very things that brought me to my love of teaching? Yes.

Tomorrow my colleague and I are going to do some planning and mapping for our first semester. I am beyond excited about it. I even have an idea or two to bring to the table. I am a rookie, but it's all new in this school right now so my new ideas are not that much different than what anyone else brings!

Energy. I have been SO TIRED of late. I think it is (in part) because the ideas never stop swirling around in my mind. I think it is also (in part) because in my mid-forties I am in the middle of a life change that brings hormone imbalances galore. And I have a child that makes me tired ALL. THE. TIME. If I say black, she'll say white, just to make sure there is some conflict going on. IF I had more energy I could pursue the painting project over the summer, since I finally bought paint for the walls.

So many things I am having a hard time trusting God for, which is a lack of faith. Eeks. I don't like hearing that! God brought me a job and I've been begging and pleading for a job. So I need to believe that I can do it, that I will make it financially, that I really tough enough and that it is "the right one." I know it is, but doubt is crowding in like crazy. At Hobby Lobby on Saturday (love that store, I really SHOULDN'T go there), I found this wall hanging:
(and can I just say.... $2.97 on clearance.... I couldn't "let it go.")
The Fourth is my birthday. And one kid is off in Iowa at a family reunion and I am not sure what the oldest child is doing with her family, I think it is just the Punky and I. We will probably do what we "usually" and go to my friends' house for BBQ and swimming and fireworks. But some other friends asked if we wanted to hang out in their neighborhood, and that sounds like fun too! The single group is grilling and then going to Peabody to watch the fireworks there. That could be fun too. We will see, whatever we end up doing will be fun and low-key and full of fellowship.


  1. Great blog - I just found you through Farley's currently
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips


  2. At my last school we used project based learning and I loved it!! Good luck in your new position!!

    Table Talk with C & C
    The Collaboration Connection

  3. Wow, congrats on the job! That sounds like it will be hard but fun to get to interact with all of the different grade levels. Our school is too big for that. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!
    - Sydney
    Lessons Learned

  4. OH a project based learning school sounds AWESOME!! So jealous right now.

    Learning to be awesome