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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Once again I am joining the Big Time Literacy Blogging Challenge. Today's prompt is: Who were/are your mentors? Who helped you grow as a teacher?

I am fairly new in my journey yet but I have been blessed with a lot of good, helpful people in my teaching career. I was also one of those lucky few who got excellent examples in my college experiences.

An unsung hero in my teaching career would be Kelli, the lead teacher in the room I was in last year. I don't know that she mentored me really. We were each busy preparing for our day and working with students most of the time. But she lead by example, and I just wanted to soak up what she had to give to students. She always had something positive to give.  And if you've been reading my blog, you'll realize that I think this is the key to success. But she also really knows her stuff and she knows how important assessment is to target student needs. She is someone I treasure having the experience of working with. And I know I'll be calling her when I need help with targeting specific reading needs. I feel extremely fortunate to know that she is only a phone call, text message, or facebook message away. She is not a person that *says* they would be happy to help and then is not really there for you.

I have mentioned previously that I have so much gratitude for the extremely high quality teachers who have mentored me, and I say it again. In my Science/Social Studies internship my last year of college (right before student teaching actually), I had the privilege of working with Kim Herron, a sixth grade teacher who makes her students into thinkers. I was in her classroom for over two months before I heard her directly answer a question. Every question is answered with a question, "do you have any resources where you can find the answer?" "What if.... " and so on. She calls herself a possibilitarian and I agree. She made differentiation look easy and she spread love and hope around without advertising it.

I have more examples because I've been so fortunate. But I cannot be late to work today. Blogging is important, but apparently so is paying the bills. I am so excited as I start on this Project-Based Learning (PBL) journey. I simply cannot wait to see what is in store. I already know that my teaching partner is going to be a great addition to the list of mentors who shape my teaching philosophy! I had a supportive partner and principal my first year teaching when I was in the OK panhandle, and I had a super-duper cooperating teacher in student teaching. I learned SO MUCH last year from the Second grade teachers and I am so fortunate to add them to my teaching friends.

Today is a day of gratitude. And I look forward to putting in to practice all I have learned and I know that each of these great ladies are only a phone call away. I am so fortunate!


  1. Surround yourself with great people and you, too, will become great, right? So happy for you and the mentors that continue to be in your life.

  2. ha- I like 'so is paying the bills' good point!!! Cute post!