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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Five for Fourth-of-July Friday!

Hooray for Friday! And double hooray for Fourth of July! I love this day.... maybe because it means I don't have to work on my birthday! ;) Good thing y'all have today off to celebrate with me! As a teacher, who doesn't get this holiday off, right? But since I just finished a school year at a classified job (hourly), I had to get a job for the summer. I am super grateful for the day off to enjoy my daughter and fellowship with friends and so much more.  Hop on over to Doodlebugs to read about everyone's week! I love Five for Friday because it provides a quick snapshot view of the week! And seriously, I especially love it in the summer. Who says teachers get the summer off?! You all inspire me with your projects, professional development, reading for fun and reading to educate.

1. Best friend time at this place! The Brick House Grill in Lindsborg. Sooooo worth the drive!

lifetime bff.... we've been friends since Kindergarten and we know secrets.... oh! We won't tell! 
Bacon Cheeseburger pie! 

GF crust for the Punky! 

2. Mom and Punky night. After bestie night came Mom and Punky night. We had a plan to use fabric markers but that plan failed, so we pulled out the fabric paint and created. Punkin made herself the cutest shirt ever and I made a bag for the college-bound child. I don't know if that is too cheesy or what, but she's getting it anyway!

Don't you know that you are a shooting star? 
 I am not sure why I love this song or why I sang it to my children when they were babies... yes, I know it is actually about a drug overdose. All my children are my sunshine, but that would be too cookie-cutter, you know?

This macaroni and cheese is actually edible. Most gf kinds are not. We've tried them. This one was really good.
3. We did a little mapping out of our semester/year. And we planned our first two projects. I can hardly contain my excitement. Our very first project is about School Rules. We want to land on rules that say: Respect. Responsibility. Safety. I can't wait to see how we get there. We will do classroom rules individually, and honestly, at the 5-8 level, they may not need more than those 3 school rules. But my kids need direction and although I call them rules, some are just procedures (raise your hand to speak... is this rule applicable in my new setting even?).

yep. I'm a scribbler. There are notes and reminders to me all over this map, but that's okay! 
I am still overwhelmed. And that is probably a truth that will follow me all year. But I am also excited. First of all, I wish I had grown up in a PBL school. Secondly, I love to learn and that, my friends, is what will happen to me this year. I will learn. A LOT.
4. I don't drink tap water. I don't like the taste. And I've been forgetting to take water to work with me. So I have not been drinking. anything. for 9 hours. My kidneys are ANGRY with me! So.... I went and got a BIG water bottle (75 oz.).  I thought it might be more fun if I decorated it and the fabric paints were still out....
Ms. Carrie is a summer title and I hope to use this sucker for a long time, so....
Ms. Horn's (water bottle) is what I put on the side.

"Be" (bee) Healthy
to remind myself that this is for my health..... 
5. Pray. let it go. I needed that. Apparently God knew that because this little gem was a steal out of the clearance section at $2.97. Feeling pretty good about this purchase! And it is already hanging in the hallway!
I love Hobby Lobby. I could spend a fortune there.
But this time I didn't. :)

That is a glimpse at my week in a nutshell. I am super excited to see what the future brings. Bring on the good health (drink that water Carrie), and take your vitamins, it's gonna be a wild ride!

I love this grand ole lady we call the USA and I wish you all a safe and happy holiday whatever you do to celebrate!

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