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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A perfect day?

Share about a perfect day you once had. That is the prompt for today. I am joining BTLBC today.

This day just happened about a month ago. My youngest and I met up with some long-time friends. We had not had a reunion of this kind for over 10 years. I know this because this youngest one of mine wasn't born yet. One family has been missionaries to Africa for much of the time and the other family has moved to Tennessee and back to Kansas several times. It was finally time for my friends to come home to Kansas and say good-bye to Africa. And my other friend is still living in Tennessee but came to Kansas to visit. This was a reunion of the heart and was a perfect day for me. We went to the zoo and it was way too hot.  But we stuck it out, sat in the shade often, reminisced, and had fun. Then we went into town and ate at Carlos O'Kelly's.  Carlos O'Kelly's isn't quite the grand place it once was, but it was full of memories as well. "The girls" sat in the restaurant long after the meal was over and talked about our lives while our children explored the mall with my missionary friend's husband. As we ended this part of a perfect day, some of my plans fell apart. My friend and I were planning to go to The Belleville Highbanks to watch the late models race. Well, some of these friends live near Belleville and they offered to keep the Punkin, so I could still go to the races. My first time to watch races at Belleville.... the track is definitely set up for speed. It satisfied my need for speed if only for a little while. Anyway, it was a real adrenaline rush to watch! Afterward, they had one of the best fireworks displays that I've seen in years! It was long and loud and beautiful. Then we drove out to my friends' house and got my daughter and drove back to my own little town.

This was a long day of fellowship with the kind of friends that leave you feeling better than when the day began. It was perfect.

** It's very difficult for me to find the words of depth to describe my love for my friends and what this reunion did for my soul. But to cap it off with races yet, made more enjoyable because of their generosity and because they focused on my child and made her feel like a part of their family, well, that made it perfect.**


  1. Perfect days often include friends and family. I'm glad it was a soul-quencher kind of day for you. That's special. ;)

  2. What a full day. Friends talking, reminiscing and good food. Sounds perfect!