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Monday, July 14, 2014

My teams...

My quirky aunt posts the "holidays" on her facebook page every day. Today is National Beans and Franks day and National French Fry day. Sounds good to me.... beanie-wienies and fries. Yum.

Today for the Big Time Literacy link up I am talking about my favorite teams.

I missed out on the day that we talked about our favorite teams. I am not an athlete. But I was raised in Kansas. We have a strange alliance with KU at our house. Why strange? Well, there is no REASON for it. In fact, much of our family attended K-State, I have been to K-State for business, but I've never been to KU. And that list goes on. And we have a similar unfounded loyalty to OU. We lived in the OK panhandle for a year and had to pick a team and went with OU. That is it. But we now make fun of Cow Pokes and cheer for OU. This is also strange as my cousin's son is following in Dad's footsteps and going to OSU this fall. But the truth is, I don't really watch football. I go to a superbowl party year for the food and friendship (and maybe the commercials).

But I LOVE baseball. I guess because I actually understand how the game works. And my Dad took us to a Royals game when we were kids. I am from Kansas and our Royals are doing pretty well this year, with the exception of the other night when I actually had a television in front of me and the Indians were beating them 15-2 when I started watching. I think it was 15-4 when I quit watching. I don't have television like the average person has television, so I don't get to watch very often this year. I knew when I got rid of my cable that baseball would be the hardest thing to do without. Obviously there are no live games on Netflix or Hulu.

So when the Royals played the Yankees (ooo....Derek Jeter) at Kauffman stadium this summer, I was more than a little bit jealous of my friends who posted pictures of the game. Royals were number one in their division last time I checked and I am hoping we go all the way to the World Series this year. But it won't matter, I can't watch the game anyway, because I don't have an antenna or cable.

But really, my "team" is team Horn. Sometimes I lose track of that because I am busy teaching kids to read, pursuing a job, trying to become a better teacher, or whatever else might come up! But my team is team Horn household and helping the people who live here succeed. Go team!

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  1. That is adorable! Love your team Horn! That is the best way to look at family - life always seems sweeter when with family (most of the time at least) :)