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Saturday, July 26, 2014

My little Punky turns 10!

Today is the Punkin's birthday. Ten years ago today I was going through labor and getting ready to welcome a precious little sunshine into my life. She is the baby, the last one, and she is a little on the rotten side. She came and along as a "surprise!" when I least expected it. While I mourned the passing my independence, many, many friends told me about their own surprises and how it changed their lives for the better. But no amount of encouragement and kind words from others could prepare me for the love I have for this girl. I am grateful for her sweetness and her independence and her fire. I am grateful she is not like everyone else. And I love how her existence has improved my life. Some days, when things are not all sunshine and light, I need a reminder of that. Summer can difficult. Cries of "entertain me!" and "I'm bored" and a general lack of motivation. It is hard on the self. I don't just mean the Mom either. It's hard on kids too. I won't have some of her gifts ready this morning when she gets up due to that little glitch where my car wouldn't start last night. So I am running behind on preparedness. But that is okay. I am doing my level best here to practice the go-with-the-flow theory and not get too worried because things don't go according to my plans. I think that birthday kids should get something special for birthday breakfast and open one special gift when they first wake up. That gift is often a birthday outfit or new pj's. I do have a couple of gifts set back that I can give this morning, but it won't be like the ones I usually give first thing in the morning.

Punky's birthday wish was that we could celebrate at the pond. Usually my Dad will refuse a pond visit when it is this hot (although it is only supposed to be in the lower 90's today-- 10 degrees cooler than yesterday), but who could refuse this little girl? Not her grandpa.

I found a few photos on social media. So it only goes back to '08, but here's a few photos of the Punkin.

Christmas time 2008. Four years old

Easter 2009. 4 years old.
Beginning of school. Fall '11. Second grade (and sophomore)
Fall '11. Ready for Halloween

Spring Break '12. Seven years old

Ready to visit a friend for a birthday sleepover. Summer '12
8 years old
Fall '12. My lil Guymon Tiger

End of school year 12-13 school year. 8 years old
9 years old. First choir performance. Fall '13

Leaving on the choir trip, Spring Break '14. It snowed that morning.

Spring '14. age 9.


  1. Sometimes the surprises life throws at us tend to be the biggest blessings of all. Such a twinkle in her eyes!