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Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday, July 11

Hooray for Friday! And for linking up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday.

1. No photos of this. I am pursuing my Masters. I am doing the admissions work right now. My financial aid has already been approved. I am excited and frightened all at the same time. I was wooed by the director of the program and he assures me that it will lend support to my current new and overwhelming teaching position and won't distract from it. 

2. I joined the Big Time Literacy blogging challenge. It is a 30 day blogging challenge in which we blog everyday about a prompt that is provided. There's no requirement to use the prompt, but so far I've stuck with the prompt and blogged about my teaching idols, what I think my students think of me, my furry family, and more. Check it out here
3. We celebrated three birthdays on Monday. My birthday was on the 4th, Blondie's was the 6th, and Red's was on Monday, the 7th. Since Blondie owns a bakery, she provided the cake! Obviously it was wonderful. But best of all, was the time with family. Maybe best of all was when my grandson came up and gave me a hug... and nobody told him it was the right thing to do! Made my day. When you're 10, hugging your Grammy may not be all that cool. 

4. Swim lessons at the Y. My preschool students are getting swim lessons on Tuesday and Friday morning at our local YMCA. We walk the 2 blocks over there, participate in swim lessons and walk back. These little learners are ready for lunch and nap on these days! Today my group practiced kicking, floating, putting their face in the water, and blowing bubbles. 

5. Summer break. I didn't think about school at all this week. I mean, my teacher brain never really shuts off, but I didn't research, plan, scheme, hunt around the internet, go to the school, download new apps, and the list goes on. This is good and bad. I needed the break. I am also undertaking a HUGE challenge this fall, and I probably couldn't afford the break. So.... back at it. lol... on Monday, after the weekend. We have family obligations this weekend. Maybe I'll write about them next week.
Punky talked me into setting up the sprinkler.... 

cleaning up the mess.... It's just the first part of July and I am finally starting on yardwork!
I got all the weeds away from this stone. 

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