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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Travel past.... Travel Future....

Today's **Big Time** prompt is to write about travels past and/or travels future.

One of the best experiences we ever had was going out to Washington DC to visit my cousin and his children. We visited the DC sights.... some of the National Museums that are there, rode the metro, ate at one of their favorite places (Johnny Rocket's), visited the Lincoln Memorial, and the Vietnam and Korean Memorials. It was breath-taking and educational and a whole lot of fun! It was Punky's first time flying. We went to the beach and were beach bums. It was wonderful, dreamy, very vacation-ish. Not the stress of "real life." My girls have not gotten a lot of vacations and this was a good one and I am very happy we had the chance to do it.
Picture of Red at the beach. She looks so thrilled. She was turning 13 that summer.

Punky and her cousin. :)

Punky got fashion glasses

Everybody knows this guy, right?

Yes, that is really a cockroach. Notice the look of skepticism on my daughter's face.

My cousin took the picture, but the rest of us are in this photo.
Vacations Future.... I really don't know. I want to go to the west coast because I never have. I loved every visit I have made to Flagstaff, I think it would be a nice city to live in. Realistically speaking.... vacations to visit family are the way to go. For so many reasons. One reason is the economics of it. Another reason is the joy of getting to know family better. I see a visit to St. Louis in our future. My Uncle and Aunt live there and they moved into a new house about ten years ago and we've never seen it! I also know there is so much to do in St. Louis! And lots of free attractions!
Did you know that the Budweiser Clydesdales live in St. Louis?
Six Flags over St. Louis

Entrance to the zoo is free.... some exhibits cost money
This sounds like a wonderful adventure to me. I love visiting and doing and I would love to spend my time with my family. My aunt was a school librarian for many, many years and recently retired to enjoy her grandchildren more.

Dream places to visit?

I would love to go to the Caribbean. I found this picture online.
Gorgeous. Right?

I would like to take my kids on a cruise sometime. I know I'll never get rich teaching, but I have high hopes that I'll one day have the money to take them on a memorable family vacation.

Then there is this dream, another someday dream: to teach in a tropical location, like Puerto Rico or Hawaii. Just to pack up and leave everything behind and go to some place far, far away and encounter a different lifestyle.

What is your dream vacation? or just a dream? Leave a comment.


  1. Fantastic vacation! We want to go to D.C. next, but that means in the next 6 years. :) Larry and I visited the Clydesdales before we had kids--it was cool.
    Happy Sunday.

    1. We got to see the Clydesdales perform at the rodeo in Guymon. It was so interesting. They are a marvel.

  2. Hi Carrie! My grandfather took all of his children (5) and all his grandchildren (12) on a cruise in the Carribean for his 80th birthday. It was amazing! My dream vacation is that my husband and I would like to take an Alaskan Cruise. We were supposed to do it for our 10th anniversary, but it looks like it's not in the cards--someday!

    Not very fancy

  3. Fabulous pictures! Agreed that Washington, D.C. is a great place for sight seeing. Thanks for sharing your travels. :)