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Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday, July 18

Positively my favorite linky on my favorite day of the week.... Five for Friday. I just realized I took very few pictures this week. The photos might be sparse.

1. New glasses. I haven't been to the eye doctor in five or six years. I don't know why. But my old frames slide off the end of the my nose all the time. And the Doc mentioned that my prescription changed quite a bit for the distance part of my lenses. But now I have hip new frames that will stay on my face.... yay!

2. This is my sis and I at my folks' anniversary celebration. Think I got any pictures of the guests of honor? It is a big year for them (50) and there is another celebration tonight. Maybe I'll be a picture tonight.

3.  My kidneys have been slightly swollen and tender. No sharp, shooting pain that I am told go with stones, so that is good, right? I do have an appointment, but it's crazy-busy at work, so it isn't until next week. I am flushing them with a lot of water, but I was naughty and had a coffee drink yesterday.

4. Two things about this photo.... we got a couple of "new to us" items for housekeeping center, a mop and a vacuum. The kids were busy cleaning all afternoon! The other thing I wanted to mention is that we are working on learning to group up and play in center groups. I group the kids and tell them which center they are in, then we switch after about 15 minutes. This helps them learn to make new friends and play with all their peers, as well as contains the noise level.

5. Our story this week was The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza). This is a matching exercise where the students matched the picture to the words of the character. So of course they needed help reading the words, but they got the cutting practice, which is probably what I was most excited about.  I think that learning to color is a bit of a big deal too.... fine motor, fine motor, fine motor.....

Happy Friday everyone. It's been a busy week and I am really pumped about school. I can't wait to get started! This weekend we are going to tackle room organization. (If my back/kidneys will let me).

I am posting my Five in the Big Time Blogging Challenge. Today's prompt is a Teacher Must Haves list. I can't wait to read everyone's! But I don't really know what I need or "must have." Probably reinforcement for the concepts I wrote about yesterday because classroom management is so key to a productive year. Must haves for me are: reward coupons, reward ideas, a positive attitude and lots of love. There are other things I want/need like: word walls, sentence strips, etc. But one of the biggest things that I am aware of is that I don't really know what this year will bring and there will more "go with the flow" days that not. Read more about "must haves" at Big Time Literacy


  1. Your comment "a positive attitude and lots of love" are two great ideas for your back to school must-haves! :) Love your new glasses and good luck with your kidneys! Yikes.

  2. You just reminded me that I need to go to the eye doctor, too! I've been on my last pair of contacts for like a month now! Your glasses are super cute, too :-) Glad the kids are having fun with the new things in their kitchen center!