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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This, That, and the other....

Sooooo.... I was going to post on here today about the upcoming Mother's Day holiday, but I know that some of my students are planning to keep their project until Sunday, so I am trying to keep it under wraps! Boo! I want to share! I'll try to wait though.

Good news! We got back to calendar time today! Whoot! Calendar time is my favorite time.  It is also something that gets shorted, shortened, rushed, etc. So I really enjoyed having all my kiddos there this morning for calendar time!

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow... 

weather prediction!
Today we participated in "Walk Like a Tiger" and walked to the track and walked around twice.  Some of my Kinders voluntarily walked around more than twice.

When there are situations like this that are far from the norm, students get rambunctious.  Some students struggled with following directions today. I was exhausted afterward.

I have been dangling a possible recording of our classroom affirmations in front of kiddos and they've been practicing their little hearts out. I anticipate posting a video of this soon.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which is the new Friday here in the panhandle. Happy weekend everyone!

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