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Friday, May 24, 2013

Five For Friday!

Hop over to Doodlebugs and link up people! Or just read and enjoy and smile.  That is what I do. Read, smile, repeat. And comment and add new friends. Five random things from your day or your week.

1. My Punky auditioned for and was accepted to the McPherson Arts Council Children's Choir.  I am so excited for her! They are going to Nashville, TN for Spring Break! The director encouraged the MACCC kids to donate a case of water to tornado victims so we did! I can only see good things coming out of this! My girls are not athletic and I have never been a soccer mom.  They haven't done great at following through with musical instrument lessons, tae kwon do, dance, etc. But I am super excited about this! Being a part of something bigger than herself is going to change my child, whether she realizes it or not!

I am having so much turmoil about leaving. Last night our local emergency crews were collecting donations at a local bank. I just thought about what a great community I am a part of and then I was sad that I am leaving. 

2. End of year packet for kiddos.  I put in 2 laminated sheets and an fine tip expo marker.  One sheet listed high frequency words that students should practice and I gave suggestions about how to practice.  The back side of this list has lines for writing on it. The next paper is name writing practice! I got worksheets from and made their first and last name to practice. I put in two envelopes, one is blank, and one is addressed to Ms. Horn.  I put in two of our handwriting sheets so they could write and illustrate! I put in 2 pieces of sidewalk chalk and one piece of colored chalk and a pencil. I also put in a bookmark where they can record the books that they read. We took photos during Pioneer week and never got them posted anywhere, so I put in their photo! It ain't much, but it's something.

3. Our little friend Tyler came back to visit yesterday on the last day. He moved to an adjoining town and his school let out last week. Tyler was a valuable part of our Kindergarten Class Family and we really missed him! Thanks Tyler for coming to visit!

4. Last day of school! Here are two cuties. They are my cuties!

almost a senior! 
Last day of 3rd grade! 
5.  School's Out for Summer!! Here it is, Alice Cooper's "School's Out"! Students left at 2 on Thursday. I had an inservice and workday on Friday, but school is officially over! And no, I do not have my room all packed up yet, but I am taking the evening/night off to just glory in the fact that school is out!

We've agreed (well, okay, I told the kids... ) that tomorrow we start WORKING. Packing at home, packing at school, catching up laundry, packing, cleaning and well, you get the picture.  IF we work hard tomorrow we will play on Saturday by going to the museum in Liberal. Whoot! I didn't want to waste time that I could be using to work on my bucket list.


  1. Love the peace symbol :-) Great ideas to send the kids off with something practical to do over the summer. So often we just advise them to read in different ways, but I'm not sure they really do it! This year I assigned specific online reading tasks with a checklist and a prize if they return it in the fall. We'll see how that goes!
    Whimsy Workshop

  2. Best of luck on your new adventure in Kansas!! I hate packing, but it's always fun to get it all set up again. Just found your blog through the linky & so happy to be your newest follower :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love new followers!