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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five For Friday on May 18

Five for Friday! The favorite part of my week! Hop on over to Doodlebugs and read and link up.  Post five random things from your day or your week. Here is a glimpse at our week.

I was too tired to post Friday night, I kept falling asleep. So, here's my five on Saturday. 

1. We re-read Bear Feels Scared and students had to discuss with their carpet partner a time when they felt scared and what comforted them, or what made them feel better. We discussed how Bear felt scared but this friends helped him to feel safe and loved. I am including our list. I think this list could qualify for "kids say the darndest things." And don't judge, I did question a couple students about what they shared, but we didn't make a big deal about it in class. What I noticed was how some students could not do what I asked in fall when we read this but now every student was able to tell their partner about a time when they felt scared, and their partner was able to share what they said. I think I only had one "I forgot" when I asked a student to share what their partner said.  Whoot! We've talked ALL YEAR LONG about the value of speaking and listening and what that means when you are in school. (Okay, not ALL our class was on the carpet... there are only 11 items listed and we have more than 11 students!)

2. It is the end of the year! One day we wrote sight words on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.  That afternoon I let them take the chalk out and just play! They USED UP that chalk! It was gone! I received a very sweet note from a student. 

See my chalk! They used up their piece and came back for more! 

"It's ice cream Ms. Horn"
3. Letters of thanks. We wrote letters to Mr. Gonzalez thanking him for bringing his pony to our class.  If you missed my post, check out the Five for Friday from a couple weeks ago. These letters show how our writing abilities have progressed. One reason for this is because of the awesome rubric I keep posting about! Notice the detail in the illustrations, the colors, the attention to writing rules! Look how hard these students worked!!! Yay!

Here is the rubric, check out the post about this and how to download yours for free (and with credit where it belongs).

Here is the definition I created. 
4. Visiting Kansas! We were JUST here, this was not a planned trip.  But I had a job interview on Friday so we made the trek on Thursday night. I went to my interview, and I am still waiting to hear back about it, which is SO hard. The waiting is the hardest part! :( Well, and the disappointment if things don't go how I hope! But I digress! I went to my interview and then I drove to a town close by to see my dear friend Alyce Bartel from Mrs. Bartel's School Family! They are in the middle of a camping theme! I was able to hangout while they made a camping graph! So fun to visit other classrooms!
Mrs. Bartel creating the camping graph with her students! 
5. Family time! Last weekend we were "home" but I over-scheduled and we did not get to see my parents, on Mother's Day weekend, yikes! So I said that maybe we could go to the farm and not have a big shin-dig. My Dad tried, bless his heart, but Shin-digs are his thing. So... he got the fishing poles ready, got picnic stuff ready, and invited "The Fam." The kids just have to ride the 4 wheeler. And Grandpa has the biggest and the best, of course. We went to my uncle's pond and fished, hung out enjoying the beauty of nature and all Kansas had to offer (including sticky humidity), rode four-wheeler, roasted hot dogs, made smores, and talked and talked and talked.
Punky wanted a picture together, so here we are.

Red on the 4-wheeler

My Dad.... 

First fish of the night. 

"The view"

Punkin said she caught the most fish, but looks to me like her sis is fishing for her!! 

I love five for Friday even when it happens to get posted on Saturday (which happens frequently). I love reading about everyone's weeks, or a particular day. Happy Weekend! We have four days of school when we return! How about you? How many days do you have left?


  1. We have 28 days left and it feels like we will never get there! Fishing looked like fun! I have always wanted to go but noone to go with. =*(

    I'm your newest follower, drop by. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

    1. Aw... what a sad story! 28 days seems really long! And no one to fish with? You'll have to come visit us in Kansas! We'll take you fishing!