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Friday, May 3, 2013

May Currently

It's time to hook up with Farley for May Currently! I am only on my first cup of coffee and I have a super busy weekend.  But I am in LOVE linky parties, so I can't resist!

Listening! I'm listening to My Name is Earl.  Why? Well, I am not sure. I'd tell you what a great parent I am and that I don't let my children watch inappropriate television, but since I just listed what I am listening to, you now know the truth. Maybe when we move I will get my dish back and we'll HAVE appropriate shows to choose from, but there is a pretty good chance I'll bury my head in the sand and pretend I don't know what my kids are watching. 

Loving! I am loving the four day work weeks. I feel guilty about that.  Because I have tons of end of the year assessments to do and plenty of teaching that just hasn't happened yet and we only have 12 days of school left. Yep, 12. This both exciting and frightening at the same time. But Thursday being the new Friday is really exciting.  I had a hugely exciting day yesterday as was the entire week, but that is a different post. Right now I am drinking my coffee and web surfing. Happy Saturday to me, only it's still just Friday. 

Thinking! I am worried about marketability.  I took a (?leap of faith?) and resigned my job.  It's complicated. Okay, not that much. I moved four and a half hours away from my home, my friends and my family to take a teaching job since there seems to be a shortage of teachers out here and I am can't seem to get people to look at me where we came from. And since I am in love with teaching, I did it. Then I had the harsh reality that it's not doing God's work if you can't pay your bills. I am trying to follow the logical path and believe it's God. I am really struggling. I miss my house, my friends, my community. But I am not experienced enough to get a second look where I come from. I am terrified that I won't get a job, which will affect my bucket list. 

Wanting! I am wanting to sleep in and stay up and pack and clean and wash and paint and..... swim and hike and fish and, and, and.... I am wanting summertime. I want assessing and report cards to be finished. Even though I know I will cry when I send my kiddos off the summer. I am wanting Kansas heat and wheat fields golden in the sun, ripe and ready for harvest and a chance to ride the combine.

Needing! I said a job. But maybe I just need more faith and less fear. I need to remember that my God will supply all my needs and that there is a perfect job out there for me and I am not the one who knows which job that is. 

Summer Bucket List: clean and paint and organize at our Kansas home, pack up and move from our OK home, go antiquing, repaint Punky's dresser, find a dresser for Red and restore or paint or whatever, print and organize centers for next year, re-read the Wong's book The First Days of School.  Figure out how or what I might do to allow for guided reading next year (this year we did centers but I it was too unsupervised and students didn't really follow directions), finish reading The Daily Five, read about other ways to structure reading/guided reading (this will likely be tied to my school district, when and if I find one).... Um, I want to do some things with my kiddos. My bff from forever ago (Kindergarten) is coming out here the first weekend  of June to experience our OK town; when we move home I hope to go to Coronado Heights for a day with the fam; I want to go to the zoo with kids and grandkids; I am hoping to take my children to Amarillo before we move because it is only 2 hours away from us now and would be a fun weekend. Too much to do in one measly summer! Whew. Good thing us teachers get summers OFF.  Hahahahaahaha. I am laughing at that statement! 


  1. I haven't seen that show in a while. I need to see if I can catch it on netflix. Continue to have faith, my teaching journey has sent me to different schools. There is still movements at all school sites too that haven't occurred yet.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! And you are right, in fact, some of the schools that I really WANT to teach at won't hire until later in the summer.

  2. Found your blog throug Farley's currently. Said a prayer for you! :)

    Thirsty Firsties

    1. Thanks! Prayers are NEVER turned down. :)

  3. I'm linking up with Farley too this month. I hope the best for you, in finding a job. Stay positive!


    1. Thanks! I am trying not to fret, but it's easier said than done! :)