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Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday!

Friday! Friday! I am lovin' this week on Friday! I can never wait for Five for Friday to get here because it's my favorite linky to read and post in! Whoot! Hop over to Doodlebugs and read up!

1. Mother's day fail. The marigolds we planted. No success. Was it my fault from not enough tlc? Was it the dixie cups? Was it all the fingers in the dirt? What was the cause of our fail? I am not sure. But Mom, you won't be getting a marigold for Mother's Day. At least not from our class. So here's the last minute project we made (parents, don't look if your Kinder did not give you their gift yet). We made tulip pictures using their hand for the flower pattern. We voted on the wording. They could choose between 1) My love for you grows and grows, or 2) My love for you grows and blooms.  They chose option number 2. I posted the sentence on the promethean and gave an example on my page.  Some students wrote the sentence perfectly, some still struggled.

Personally, I think these turned out adorable. I am more than a little disturbed that some students wrote words in no particular order and their sentences did not make sense. But overall, I was really pleased with this project. 

2. Five Classroom Affirmations. After Christmas we started watching Jessica's affirmations and we came up with five of our own. After we say all five, we finish up with "Let's do it!" It's more inspirational than any football huddle! Okay, maybe not MORE inspirational, but it is inspiring! 

3. Our Alphabet books. We are SO far behind on these! Yikes!! I am thinking of what I am going to do differently next year! I do have a plan. :) We are on Hh. If we do two letters a day we will not finish, so we will sneak in some extra times and some days we will do three letters, or maybe four because we really need to finish them this week! Here are their directed drawings and sentences. 
My example is really hard to see, sorry! 

One of the things I love is seeing the improvement of language of the little guy in the white and tan.
He told me he didn't know what to draw, so I asked if he wanted to do his drawing on the carpet to see better.
He worked really hard and did a great job! 
4. Kansas! Love it. I will miss my place in the panhandle. There are so many things I'll miss and none of them are actually things: I will miss my students of course, I will miss the girls I teach with. Those are the biggest things (that are not really things).  But I find myself getting giddy on the trip to Kansas.  We were silly and wild and crazy and goofy by the time we got to Greensburg last night! By the way.... I wondered last night if I had gone to heaven, there was green grass, so much moisture that the dandelions were growing, and green trees, and did I mention green?! I actually took a picture of the grass and dandelions on the trip.
Look Hundley (our little red dachshund)! We are not in the panhandle anymore! 
5. All School's Day! Love this "holiday!" More later. We are headed into town to find a place to watch the parade (ahem... South Main is where I'll be my friends, across from the Cake Lady)! The All School's Day parade features all the Kidnergarten classes in the county (I LOVE Kindergarten), and all the bands in the county and the surrounding counties.  It is a HUGE parade. And afterward there is the carnival.  More later, but we are late already. This is not about my current school, but about the town I call home and where I hope to one day teach. However.... I'm trying really hard not to treat God like a fast-food God: I'll take a job in McPherson with a side a fries and a large coke! I know God will place me where He wants me. Thanks God!


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    1. Thanks! Teach*Pray*Love designs did it! I won a giveaway and she gave me a blog makeover! I just told her I want a hippie theme and she did a great job.

  2. I have experienced the Mother's Day fail before... now we plant things, we just don't make them gifts. And I plant several extras!

    My Kinder-Garden

    1. Yes! It was definitely a live and learn experience.

  3. I love your hippie theme... :)

    I had the same issue with my sunflower seeds with my 2nd graders a few years back. But in all honesty, now that I'm a mama, I love the handprint/handwritten projects, because they are the ones that I keep.

    The Classroom Creative

    1. I did think about that, about how their precious little hands will never be this size again and all the hard work they put into cutting them out (one poor little guy still struggles with scissors so much!)!