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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Five for Friday.... rodeo-style

Today is Friday? I call it my First Saturday of the week! ha! We don't have school on Friday anymore this year. Woohoo!! Five for Friday. One of my favorite linkys. I think about it all week... what am I going to put in my five this week? Should I take a picture in case I put this in my five? Maybe I should take more pictures so that I can put this in my five. Hop on over and read about everyone's week, visit Doodlebugs and maybe even link up.

Seriously I am not sure how much of this is school related and yet, this week in my town everything is somehow related to the events of Pioneer Days and the rodeo.

1. Going to Slack. Tuesday morning we went to something called slack. These are qualifying events for the big deal on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is about 10 blocks and we walked together with the other classes from our school.  Tuesday is the day that temperatures reached the 90's. So I had encouraged sunscreen, hats, and water bottles.

This little guy here had so much fun and spoke to me in English more than
he has all school year! It was so exciting! 

I love her hat! :)
2. Outdoor activities! In the afternoon, after walking and being the sun all morning we took naps! Nope, just kidding. It was an action-packed day and we played games outside with the other Kindergarten, First and Second grade classes at our school. We did a relay with dressing and undressing, an egg toss, a stick horse race, and a bucket relay with water.
Karsyn with her clothes on except she forgot her hat! 

Cooling off and getting drinks! Ah! 

Than Zaw Tun wanted me to see how much of his water he had consumed! 

I love this for so many reasons,but the biggest reason is that it shows the teamwork involved! 


Aaron is looking good! 

"It's heavy Ms. Horn!"

3. Wednesday afternoon we had a special visitor! Jose Gonzalez brought his 5 day old miniature pony foal to visit his daughter's Pre-K class! He asked if we would like to see her also. My Kinders did a great job of asking questions and after he left we made a list of all the information we gained about the horse and caring for it. This little girl is named Cookie and lives with her Mom and Dad at Mr. Gonzalez' home.  Mr. Gonzalez carried her on his shoulder like a puppy.

Look at her in our class! She's really that small! 

Students came up to meet her in groups of 3 or 4.

The first time she whinnied in our class Mr. Gonzalez said that
Cookie was saying "hello."  
We will still journal about this and include it in some writing.  This is was a fun and exciting way to learn! 

4. Kindergarten Rodeo. All the Kindergarten classes get together and do activities, usually outdoors, but it was so cold that morning! Yep, snow on the ground this morning! So activities were in an activity gym.

My station was face-painting. Unfortunately I didn't have a parent take photos of my students at all the different stations. I had 6 volunteers from a high school art class, my daughter being one of them! So... I only have photos from my own station. My students did a great job rotating with a parent and a grandparent and the volunteers did a great job also! Special thanks to Ms. Patterson's art students for helping out: Shaniece, Aurora, Felicia, Karli, Shyla, and Carolyn. 

PRCA rodeo royalty

High school volunteers.

face painting

This is my Carolyn. I was so incredibly proud of her and how she
talked to each student and engaged them and made them feel special. 

5. Rodeo! Thursday night we went to Slack in F-f-f-f-freeeeeeeezing cold! But watched some bronc riding, steer roping, and saw the Clydesdales! Whoo! It is really cool to watch those horses work as a team. Wow. 
My folks came out from Kansas. This is my Dad and I.

Aren't they beautiful?!

My daughter and I! So cool that she went and stuck it out in the COLD!
Did I mention that it was COLD?! 


  1. Great week Carrie! So wonderful to be a part of community events.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. I just posted about our Cowboy Day too! you'll have to mosey on over to my blog and see our wanted posters. I got some great ideas from your Rodeo Day!! I'm a new follower!