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Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently Linky

Can you believe it? It's a brand new month, and time to link up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the March Currently. Hop over to Farley's blog, read some links of Currently, add your own, give credit where it's due, and leave meaningful comments. Join the party! :) 

*sigh* Where to begin? My computer is in Kansas to get de-bugged. I had to blog browse this morning on my daughter's Kindle-fire. Before I boo-hoo too much, I have to say how grateful I am that I spent the "extra" $$ on the Kindle-fire instead of the other tablet I had originally ordered.  Love her little device. But it's no computer and I have a serious Saturday morning habit! So here we sit, in my classroom, so I can blog. Kinda dirty of me, huh? I am here under the guise of "planning" but the truth is, I got all my planning except for a little of my science/social studies, which will take about 15 minutes to finish up. I bribed the kiddo with a new color book, crayons and a long overdue cover for her Kindle. But here is another glitch, I can't figure out how to do the cool little Currently jpeg with my currently's in the box. What I normally do is not working on this computer. So I had to put in the blank one and it'll have to be good enough this month. Shucks. Flexibility, right? That's what I'm always preaching to my Kinders.  The school my daughter attended and that I worked in one year while working toward my Elementary Ed degree had Flexibility as one of their Character Development goals (8 Keys of Excellence... great program, by the way). In our class, we put our hands on our hips and flex our knees and "practice flexibility." Then I lift up my hands in an "I don't know" or a "Whatever" position, and say, "when plans change" and kids echo, then I do a squiggly up and down movement like on a roller coaster or going down a river and say, "we go with the flow..." and they echo. So this me, flexing, and practicing flexibility.

Listening... to Rock-n-roll on Pandora. Sometimes after school I wonder what the other teachers think, but oh well, I listen to ROCK. Not this mamby-pamby stuff they play on the radio these days. KISS, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi,  AC/DC. Let's don't even talk about the condition of my soul, this is what I need to survive this "job" called teaching and seems to the me the alternative cope mechanisms are far more destructive to myself and others. ***update*** This sounded so negative when I read it. Yikes. I am referring to the fact that teaching is grueling, intense, time consuming, draining and so much more.  I didn't mean to make it sound like I hate it though. I am emotionally, mentally and physically drained because I pour my heart and soul into teaching and I LOVE Kindergarten! Yes I do!!!! 

Loving... all things Spring. The weather is gorgeous today. The birds have started to sing and  there are potted flowers for sale in Walmart (which makes me anxious to move HOME). Maybe the winter in my soul is about to thaw because Spring is around the corner.

Thinking... about all the assessments I need to do in the next two weeks for report cards and for parent/teacher conferences. My pie-in-the-sky ideas for creating easy to administer and easy to record assessments hasn't happened and now I'm out of time and would have to sit here chained to a desktop at the school to make it happen because my computer (again, insert *SIGH* here) is in Kansas.  

Wanting... ??? Is it fair to say.... my computer?! Aaaaaaa!!! Um, I stayed up late one night recently and did my taxes and we have a return coming this year and it needs to go toward our debt that got CRAZY last year when I was student teaching and didn't have financial aid and we didn't get a return to speak of, but I want it to go toward.... well, everything else! That long, run-on sentence didn't even really cover what I wanted to say, which is~ my wanter is turned on HIGH. I want... new furniture, to finish my basement (how's that for future-tripping... we won't be moved back into our house until July), clothes for myself and my kids, a new laptop, and do I dare even type it in... I caught myself looking at a new TV today in Walmart!! I think we should get another TV and put the Wii in the basement and have more SPACE. Ugh, I am getting tired and poor thinking about everything I "want." Now that I've said all this, I REALLY want to pay down my debt, to live peaceably with mankind (um, sorry kid at Braum's that reaped the benefit of my rage when we sat in the drive-thru while our ice cream sat there and melted), and to be the best person I can possibly be.  Maybe God can help me out with those things, because left to my own devices, well, my WANTER (how do you know if made-up words are spelled right???) is all the way up on high. 

Needing... a job. That's right people, I need a job. I love my Kinders, I love my colleagues (Academy C, you know I love you, right?), and I love my principal (she is going to make a lasting difference in this community).  I really mean those things. I am really excited about what is going to happen here in regards to children and reading because of changes the "new" principal is making here. In ten years, when these Kinders get to High School, this community will start to see huge differences in test scores. I think it is exciting. But there is a giant housing shortage here and I can't pay my rent and utilities and so we are moving back to our home in the middle of Kansas. And I love that too. But I'd sleep better at night if I had a JOB to move back to. I do NOT want to wait tables this summer and feel like I am selling myself short and selling out my dream of teaching school. I am a GOOD teacher people.  Really. I am good. Not as good as I will be someday, I am just starting this adventure, but seriously, this is a part of me, teaching.

Like... Love... Hate... read below: 
you have to use ONLY 3 words 
that is IT...
and the words have to start with the first letter of your first name...

Carrie. That's my name. So here are my C-words for my Like, Love, Hate... 

Like... Candy. Okay, I like and hate it. But a box of Milk Duds was required to help me achieve this blog today. I hate that I am addicted to sugar and the ups and downs it puts my body through or how I don't feel compelled to eat healthy because of my candy love. But hey,  it's a "C" word, and I do like the Candy. *** update! After my first publishing, I thought about CAFFEINE! Which includes both COKE and COFFEE! Coffee being my first love. Yep. I like them, love, need them, am addicted. But I'd CUT them Cold turkey if I had to choose between these or my CLAN.*** (hey look... CHOCOLATE also starts with C... )

Love... I was going to try and say kids but with a C, but it looks dumb. Can I say children? The ones that are part of my own "community". OoOooo... how about my community of children? That sort of encompasses my class family and my clan at home. Clan. I had to look up synonyms for family~ HA! I love my crazy clan. My children are the life of me and they probably have the power to be the death of me as well. I love my classroom community, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my clan, and I love that once I leave here, I will spend some time with my youngest kin, just us, since my other C-word (her name starts with C also) is Kansas this weekend. (p.s. something I don't love... car time, cruising to central Kansas to recover the missing member of our clan). 

Hate... Crunch time. It's that time. Two weeks until... report cards are due, parent-teacher conferences, and Spring Break! Yikes. I do not want grades/assessments/whatever hanging over my head during the break. I want it DONE. So that means, yes indeedy, it is crunch time. Conferences, that starts with C also. I don't hate conferences. I hate what it does to my life for two days. Conferences start at 4 and run until 8 for the two nights before the break starts. I hate it that I miss my opportunity to see my kids, and that I'm exhausted when I get home those two nights! UGH!! 

From Farley~
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Love you all. Thanks for stopping. Don't forget to scroll back up and hop over to Farley's blog and link up. 


  1. Hello! I found your blog through the currently! I didn't do the like, love, hate part right. I guess I should practice what I preach and read the directions, oh well! Good luck on finding a job!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

    1. Thanks! The search is bittersweet, we all miss our home, but I also love it here, so I will be sad to leave.

  2. Totally fine to say you are wanting your computer. I don't feel normal without it! Crazy technology obsession these day!

    Second Grade Nest

  3. Hi Carrie!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! It sounds like your first year of teaching is exactly what it should be...filled with ups and downs! This is only my second year of teaching so first year is most definitely still fresh in my mind. Don't worry, it will only get better!

    Also, good luck with the job hunt! I definitely know how "fun" that can be. :)

    Diary of a First Grade Teacher