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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

She really said that?! Yep!

I have been seeing this Linky party every week and wishing I had one of those gut-busters to add. Now I do! I was working with students to produce rhyming words, assessing their ability for their report card.  I asked a student "What rhymes with fan?" She said (enthusiastically) "tastic!" Oh yeah. I couldn't help it, I laughed.  Busted a gut.  I said, "no, that is not a rhyme, but that was a good one!"

Hop over and laugh and link... right here.


  1. Nothing better than a moment in the day that gives you a giggle! :)


    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep

  2. Yep, they have a hard time with rhymng these days! So funny!

  3. Did she make the accompaning "Shh, shh, shh" sound?

  4. Amazing!!! Someone once told me I say fantastic too much... So I wouldn't be surprised if one of my kids said the exact same thing! Amazing!

    Thanks for linking up!