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Friday, March 22, 2013

Five for Friday, Spring Break Style

It's Friday!! :) It's Spring Break. I didn't realize HOW BADLY I needed a break. I've been exhausted and sleeping every chance I get.

1.  Over the weekend the leprechaun came our classroom one last time and brought his buddies to play.  They left a mess of leprechaun dust everywhere, but they also brought us some "Lucky Playdough" full of leprechaun dust that sparkles. Poor Maria, the dust will be coming up in the carpet for a long time.

2. Parent-teacher conferences.  Some had to be re-scheduled but most of them were accomplished and most went well. I love the chance to connect with parents and talk about their children's progress. 

3. MY Spring Break officially started at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night after conferences.  Whoot! Then we headed out to see family and friends on Wednesday. 

4. We got to see some of "the Fam" and go shopping and the girlies got some walking shoes. We are going to participate in at least one 5K this summer. Perhaps a color run or maybe.... the glow run 5k. There is one in Wichita in August. Whoot! The "break" is not over. We are hanging out with more family and just relaxing. Nothing beats being with my kiddos. This is what makes this Momma the happiest. Hooray! I am going to work on things I don't always get to do, like reading (yay)! I am in search of the book The Daily Five.  This will likely revolutionize the way I teach in the future. That is what I understand anyway. 

5. Last but not least!! Last Friday I was getting ready to browse blogs and I got an email from my friend saying to be sure and check out a blog makeover giveaway! So I did! And I won! Big changes coming soon!  I am so excited! Thanks Lauren at Teach, Pray, Love. I can't wait to experience the changes! 

I probably could have done a Five just for Spring Break and another one for everything else! Sorry, I crammed a bunch of stuff together there, but I couldn't leave anything out! I love Kindergarten, and I am grateful for the break. 

Here are a couple more pics of our break:

my girlies and a BFF at the mall

painting toe nails and finger nails. Love this picture. 

Punky with my grand-daughter

Punky with my grandson


  1. Love this post! You can feel your love for your job and for your family as you read this! The playdough idea is a great one. My littles adore anything that involves playdough.


  2. Happy spring break to you! I need to hold on just four more days. Then some sleeeeeeep! :) Congrats for winning the blog makeover. Can't wait to come back and see the changes. Hope your weekend goes well. If you have time, I'd love it if you came by for my Stress-Free Sunday link up.

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!