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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Let's Get Acquainted." A Linky.

I am joining a "Let's Get Acquainted" Linky.  This week's task: Use our initials to tell some things about ourselves. Tell something we like or like to do that starts with our initials. Oh my.  My initials: CLH. C.... I will go with coffee. I have become a coffee snob. I blame my allergies. "Regular" or "plain" coffee tastes... funny, sort of metallic and leaves a bit of a bad after taste. I like vanilla coffee. Made with purified water. Water out of the tap makes it oily and taste funny and I just can't finish it. So here I am, a coffee snob. The best? I think it is Folgers French Vanilla Biscotti. I also really like Millstone's french vanilla and 8 o'clock coffee's french vanilla. It's okay if you add a little bit of another flavor to the vanilla, like Millstone's Vanilla Nut Cream, but I don't really like the "plain ole" Hazelnut Cream kind.  I have always been partial to vanilla. Another "C" love (there are plenty by the way) is candles. You will never go wrong with a vanilla scented candle. Add all sorts of other flavors vanilla citrus, or Homemade sugar cookie (which is a souped up vanilla with cinnamon and nutmeg and maybe hazelnut) and whatever else, if it has even a hint of vanilla in it, I love it. At Christmas we go to stores and smell all the candles and I always say... "that one is good, but THIS ONE is better...." and it is inevitably a form of vanilla. If you wanna know another "C" love, it is coke. Not to be mistaken for Pepsi or Diet Coke, or any sort of different soda. Fountain drinks reign supreme and McDonald's serves a pretty tasty Coca-Cola and Sonic serves a sublime Coca-Cola.

L... is for.... laughter. Even though dysfunction runs amuck at our house, it is still filled with laughter. Hopefully not too often at someone's expense. We seem to have a pretty good time. And there are those moments when we just can't stop! I love juvenile humor. Maybe that is why I teach Kindergarten. Junie B. made me laugh yesterday. In fact, I haven't really stopped yet. Part of the reason is because it is tied to the joking around we did this past weekend. My friend Jim was here and we were all goofing around on the way home from Walmart and I just felt the need to sing the Oscar Mayer Wiener song. I can't remember now what started it. Wishing maybe. There may have been some "wishing" going on by a certain little Punky.  Last night right there smack in the middle of the last chapter of the Junie B. Jones book we were finishing up, there was this knock-knock joke.
"Who's there"
"Irish who?"
"Irish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener."
I will get plenty of mileage out of this the week before St. Patty's day.

H... is for Hmmmm. Is there a way to figure out an H word that describes my love for food and eating? I haven't figured it out yet. Let me think about this one some more. Oh-oh-oh! Why didn't I think of this sooner! Hot Dogs! I love hot dogs. I love hot dogs on the grill, I love hot dogs on a stick or in a bun, I love hot dogs especially when they are disguised at Pronto Pups! Do NOT explain to me what is in them. I have a pretty good idea. I have gone to buying the "all beef" hot dogs and I comfort myself with this knowledge. So DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE enlighten me about WHAT parts of the beef go into the hot dog. Got it? Hot dogs are good cut up in macaroni and cheese. Or fried in butter in a sauce with egg noodles. That is an elaborate meal that we call "stuff" at our house. What could be better? Hungry now? I am thinking about how my daughter asked for hot dogs for supper today and I said, "how about tomorrow?" So it looks to me like tomorrow night will be hot dog night. I used to boil them. That's what my Mom did. But if you bake them in a pan, they hold in the flavor much more like they taste from some cheap hot dog stand at the races or a carnival or the convenience store. Yikes. It appears I've revealed deep, dark secrets about myself that might cause you to run the other way. (Did you get the reference? Hot Dogs? Oscar Mayer? hee hee).

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  1. Found your blog through the link-up! TOO FUNNY, the first think I wrote about was coffee, too!

    Mr. First Grade