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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Five for Friday!

Five for Friday... late on Saturday. I love blogging. I like how many more memories I capture through photos because of my Five. I thought about Five for Friday since Wednesday when I made plans to send my computer to Kansas to get worked on by my good friend. I even tried to work on a draft on Thursday night, but I was exhausted because I wanted to get lesson plans done. And I got them nearly done. I've been at the school under the guise of "planning" so I could write a "Currently" blog and browse other blogs.

1. Seuss Week. This was a huge adventure for me. I spent ALL weekend last weekend matching standards and working on plans. It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. I feel empowered now baby. This Seuss thing is huge and probably at least one blog unto itself.  But today I am focused on my Five, and it is definitely part of my week. We had a theme... Monday was supposed to be pajama day, but we didn't have school, Tuesday was Wacky Tacky Day (I didn't participate for oh-so-many reasons, but one was that I didn't know exactly what that meant), Wednesday was Seuss Hair Day and I just didn't do it because I didn't have any great ideas, Thursday was dress like your favorite character day and what do you know... I did that one! Friday was supposed to be hat day. Friday was sort of everything day for us though. Since we missed out on pajama day, a favorite of everyone, we said that students could wear their pajamas AND their hats on Friday! Friday was also "pickle/popcorn day" at our school, when you can buy a pickle or popcorn for $1.  We decided to culminate our week with some Seuss movies, popcorn (or pickle), and our pajamas. And yes, it was still hat day. *whew* I am tired just typing all of that, imagine living it!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1 and Thing 2
My teaching partner and I dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Those crazy things came in and messed up my room when the students were in Music.  Here is a little bit of the fun they had at my students' expense!

2. Computer lab. We have computer lab on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30. Half my class misses this because they are at ELL class. This week our wonderful computer lab teacher, Mrs. Pierce, put on some Cat in the Hat activities for my students.  Computer lab happened to fall on Seuss Hair Day and one of my students participated. Sadness that only one student participate, but how awesome did she look?!?  

Seuss hair makes it difficult to wear headphones in computer lab!! 
3. More computer lab awesomeness! Okay, actually, it is Mrs. Pierce awesomeness. She said I could put her picture on here, just so you know... but now I can't find it. That means it's still on my phone and I don't have my laptop, so... no photo. My desktop in my room won't let me download the photos I've been emailing. So I am outta luck. Mrs. Pierce is working on the school websites and we could put a page on there if we wanted to. Well, I am too busy trying to keep with Kinders, my CLAN at home (see my Currently post here), and this very blog to add that in, so she made a link to my blog instead. Check it out under Academy C Elementary, which is under the Academy section of "our schools." When you visit the Guymon Public School District website, you go to "Our Schools" and then to Academy, and Academy C is listed under that. One the Academy C page, look to the left and there it is, Ms. Horn's Kindergarten Classroom. Thanks Mrs. Pierce, I am so impressed.

4. Friday is eat lunch with the teacher day. If you earned a classroom reward ticket and chose the one that says "Hungry? Eat Lunch with the Teacher" then you get to eat with me on Friday.  One student has been waiting and waiting and waiting. We finally got it done on pajama/hat day! How awesome is it that this is so exciting to my little friends?

5. I got a really cute picture of my Punky at the theater today and another one of her sitting on my sensory table playing with her Kindle while I messed around worked hard at the school doing "teachery stuff." It is Mom and Punky weekend and we had fun seeing "Escape from Planet Earth" and she likes her new Kindle cover. We are headed home now to do whatever we want to until we have to journey to pick up the Redhead (whose hair hasn't actually been red for awhile now, but she'll always be MY redhead) tomorrow. I'm not gonna set foot in this room again until Monday! (Maybe if I say it over and over again, I really won't).

Happy Weekend everyone! I love Five for Friday, whether I do it on Friday, Saturday, or whenever. Hop over to Doodlebugs and read 'em, link up, laugh, comment. You could follow Farley's idea and comment on 2 before and 1 after, but that's an idea/suggestion, not a "rule." The only rule as far as I can tell is to blog Five Random Things from your week or from your day! 

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