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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Six for Saturday?

I wrote (and posted) my Five in the morning yesterday, but forgot to link up until today. I guess that is okay. The life of blogger means that you now take pictures of things you might not have taken a picture of before you became obsessed with sharing your personal story with countless strangers. Who else has noticed that? This is a perfect break for me so far. It is supposed to be a little rainy today, and last night there was a hail storm here (at 3:30 a.m.). Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and then the temperature is supposed to plummet and there is supposed to be snow again. Really?! I love snow when it starts and when it gives me an unexpected snow day, but now, it is just getting ridiculous.

I got to eat out at noon with my teenager yesterday and if you live in McPherson, you will know where we ate. If you live in Mac and you saw anytime after that, you knew where I ate because you could smell it. Yeah.... one of those places! Love it!

We did a little shopping and went to a family get together. We had a wonderful Ham dinner with potatoes and rolls and cherry moos. I must be slipping, I didn't get a picture. After dinner I we had an Easter Egg hunt.  The kids are ready to go in this picture!! My teen is a good sport and participates and helps the little ones. 

We spent the evening in the company of good friends and topped it off with some Applebee's 1/2 price appetizers. Yummo. Fun times. Here's a picture my daughter took when the kids were messing around.

Today is more packing up and going to visit the rest of my family, church, dinner and maybe some movie time. I stuck a couple in my bag. I thought after the "kids" went to bed, the "adults" could watch Rock of Ages.  That is probably not six. I just thought it was funny that I had so many photos and memories made when I just posted on here yesterday. Part of the reason I don't have six is that I am out of time and even though I could say more, I won't. Well, one more thing.... sometimes I feel guilty that I am not a creator and that I don't make great centers and activities that originate in my own brain. But then again, I think that if it ain't broke don't fix it.So I take advantage of my blogger friends freebies, cruise TpT for freebies and pay for and download those things I can't live without.  I feel fortunate and blessed to have TpT, Teacher's Notebook, and world-wide web to help me plan and teach. Whoops, maybe I have two more things. Yikes! It's time to be packing up the car! But... who else is going to introduce plastic egg activities in centers after the break? I have a few ideas for them. One idea is to write numbers through 10 either on paper or on the inside of the egg. Students choose two eggs, open them and write a math sentence. I also might put sight words in them and have students write sight words and read the words to someone. I just downloaded a jelly bean freebie.  It's not too late! We will do it this Spring yet! 


  1. Don't worry that you are not a creator. I make things here and there but by no means do I feel like I'm ready for the world of TPT. One day maybe, but not right now. You are very right to say there are great ideas out there and it doesn't hurt to use them. That's what blogging is all about, right? If you ever have an idea and are looking for a recording page or the likes, shoot me an e-mail and maybe our two heads can work together to get something made up. :)

    It's "OWL" Good in Kindergarten

  2. I created a freebie with numbers and a recording sheet for use with eggs! If you want to check it out:
    Your ideas are great! You should start up a store! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  3. I bought some jelly beans math centers this morning! Yeah, it is after Easter, but we are doing jelly bens.