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Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday.... Link up!

I am almost too tired to post anything. But there's so much to do this weekend and I just want to touch base with my bloggy friends. This week was pretty random in Kindergarten. I guess that is completely appropriate  since it is my random five from the week this week for Five for Friday. Head over to Doodle Bugs and read and link up.

1. Organizing my room! I spent all weekend knee deep in chaos organization. Parent teacher conferences are coming up and I had the kidney table taken to the basement because it was just a catchall for junk and because my room is so small. We usually do guided reading sitting on the floor. My friend and I brought it back upstairs.
My kidney table back from the basement... it took how many seconds to get piled high with "stuff"

stuff to sort through and file.

I think there are some desks under there.... 

more stuff I "needed" from the basement
2. Blogging, Linky parties, and more...

I joined a writing/blogger challenge to post a "Slice of Life" every day. You can read them here. Linky parties. Love them. I always see the "What Did They Say Wednesday" Linky Party and think "too bad I don't have anything amazing to contribute" but this week I had something to contribute! So I did! Whoot! Look at the post here and get a chuckle. I also found a "Let's Get Acquainted" Linky and I couldn't resist it.  It talked about some likes/loves starting with the initials in my name. Letter H I had to go with "hot dog" in all forms. And we were going to eat hotdogs but I have been working at the school like a mad woman and we are so hungry when we leave. We went to Sonic for supper and here is what I ordered:
Footlong chili cheese coney.... oh yeah! 

This is my oh so cute side kick number one.

side kick number two.... 
3. Naughty little Leprechauns....
The Leprechauns visited our room this week. Thursday our leprechaun left a message on the board and made a mess playing in our room, and left footprints on a desk and he also left marshmallows on desks. 

I have the sweetest picture of students gathered around the footprints on the desk, but I don't have a media release on one of the students (insert sad face here). We brainstormed a letter to write to the Leprechaun, here is what we finally decided to put in our letter: 

Here are a few samples of what student wrote: 

This student went with her own idea, and not the sample....
I was thrilled and laughed and laughed at what she wrote! 

This is from a student who doesn't usually do his writing assignments,
so this is really good! 

This little guy has never written anything but his name on his writing assignment before,
I was beside myself excited!!! 
Today the Leprechaun got into our room during lunch and left green cookies! Yum! He left a note on our Promethean board too and signed his name! 
Yum! Lime flavored cookies! Yeehaw! 

"Our" Leprechaun is named Lucky! 
4. Mother nature did it again! It is gorgeous here this week! I hear that it won't be this awesome for our break (which doesn't start until Wednesday). I have photos of kiddos on the playground one day this week:

Tonight I went walking with my one friend I've made in the panhandle. We went to the park which has a mile walking path and is literally only 2 blocks from my house. We went shortly after 6 and it was HOT! Side note: I think we are going to do a color run in May! Maybe I'll blog about it soon! :)

5. Mazzio's Pizza. Need I say more? Punky said she didn't want any pizza which meant Red and I could order whatever we wanted to, and we did! Yummo! 
If you're wondering, it is called Napoli.
Yes, it was every bit as tasty as it looks! 

That is my Five. Tomorrow I will busily work in my class room and try to get ready for conferences on Monday.  Our PTSO doesn't provide dinner for us during conferences, that isn't judgment, it just leads to my next point. Monday before conferences we (Academy C girls) are going to have dinner together. We are having a baked potato bar. I am providing potatoes and dessert. Go ahead and leave awesome (but easy) dessert ideas.  Preferably cut and carry type of dessert, like some sort of to-die-for brownies or bars. The truth is, my Redheaded assistant is going to help with the dessert.

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  1. I love that your leprechaun left a not on your Smartboard! I so wish I was in the panhandle right now! We are supposed to get snow here in Southern Indiana tomorrow night!