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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What I'm Loving....

What I'm Loving Wednesday.
Today what I am loving is my teaching tribe. The women who build me up and don't tear me down. The ones who tell me about what is going right in the classroom and in their home life. Today we planned an outing to a neighboring town, Lindsborg, little Sweden. We at lunch at Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, which was delightful. As we enjoyed our lunch together, we celebrated a tribe member who got a different job, one she will be really good at and that she has longed for and prayed for! One of the things she shared with us was that in the interview, she knew answers to some of the questions because of discussions we've had when we have gotten together. She said to us, "I took a piece of each one of you with me to that interview..." THAT my friends sums up what a tribe is all about! After our lunch time, we strolled around the town. What a fun time. And I ended up buying myself some to-die-for cute clothes! Leggings.  And a vest/jacket type thingy. It is oo-la-la. The best part of the apparel.... wait for it.... it has tie-dye on it! And it absolutely makes me feel pretty. And professional. And like my best self. And I definitely would have just longed for them if my tribe members wouldn't have been there to cheer me and encourage me. I know I'll wear these pieces plenty this upcoming school year!

I have no photos yet. Maybe I'll go take one!!!

My photographer was incensed that I would dare ask her to take my picture, so she just clicked, clicked, clicked and done. So the picture that is not blurry cut off my head, the one where I'm smiling was a little blurry. But I think these two pieces of clothing are the very definition of my authentic self. I bought them in a fair trade store which made them even more valuable/special/authentic!

I am loving that my life is so blessed. That I have fantastic, authentic friends who cheer for me and encourage me and love me and pray for me. I love that they trust me and allow me to be part of their inner circle.

I am loving this summer. What do I love: reading, napping, loving on the kiddo, snuggling with my cat (missing my dog still....), puttering in the garden, working in the house, working in the yard and getting back in touch with my creative side. I am loving the little things: a shaved ice with my daughter, lemonade in my cup, coffee drinks, coloring, netflix, sewing and sleeping.

I love that life is good today. I love the fact that I have a choice today. Today I don't have to run from my emotions, my hurts and heartaches. Today I can choose to give that stuff to God and not tip-toe around and pretend I was never hurt before. I can be real. And that lets me have joy. I don't have to have it all figured out today, I just have to keep going. And look for the good. Because when I look, there is a lot of it.


  1. So good, you made it! I'm so happy you had a fab day (super cute outfit!) and saw your friends and also got your writing in! Summer most definitely is the best!

    1. I don't generally love summer. But this year I truly am!