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Saturday, July 16, 2016


Today, well, yesterday now, it is officially Sunday (12:02 here in the heartland), the blog prompt for the BTL blogging challenge is titled "Letters" and if you read my blog much you know that I LOVE the letters! They used to be called "Sunday Letters" and I would save up some sarcasm for a letter or two. I'm working really hard to change my inner dialogue, but I can't promise that there won't be a snarky snippet or two. Read everyone's letters at Big Time Literacy

Dear Portland,
I can't wait to meet you. I am not a well-traveled girl. In fact, I'm a little overwhelmed by the very thought of it. But I'm excited nonetheless. And I believe that this will be a learning experience in so many ways. I plan to keep an open mind and heart.
Waiting anxiously,
a midwestern girl

Dear Michelle,
Thanks for hosting this challenge. I only feel a little tired of the writing because I feel like I am squeezing it in and not giving it my best. Sometimes life really is too busy to blog every day! But I'm grateful to share my life, the mundane and not-so-mundane with this blogging community. Thanks for hosting, but thanks for the honesty too.
Your blogging buddy,

Dear Oh-I-think-you-know-who-you-are:
Really?! Just really?! That is about all I can say about that. After all these years I can't believe that you would still choose to give your power to me. Thanks for giving me a feeling of power and might! I'm sorry to say, I can't give you the same amount of space in my head or waste that much time flapping my jaws over the bitter past. I just have too much life to live. So if I really have nothing to say.... this conversation is over.
Sincerely.... oh who are we kidding.... I'm not sincere and this conversation really is OVER....

Dear baseball,
Oh how I love you. Let me count the ways. Strike one, strike two, strike three! I love watching my Royals play. I love the camaraderie and the Salvy splash and the homeruns and the come from behind wins. I actually understand the game and I am fascinated. Not to mention, y'all are really pleasant to look at in your baseball pants.
Shouting at the tv from my seat,
a devoted fan

Dear children,
You are going to be just fine. Stop doubting yourselves. You are turning into responsible people with good heads! I have utmost confidence in you. Keep your chin up, your head on straight, and your heart open. You are ready to fly.
your momma

Dear School,
I hear you calling. I have not forgotten you and I am not ignoring you. I hear you calling, tugging at my heart, overwhelming my mind. I hear you. I'm coming! I just have a little summer left to absorb.
this devoted teacher

Dear Gerry Brooks,
You make me laugh. I love the "Dollars trees" and "the Walmarts" and so many things you say. There's often wisdom hidden in your funniness. But I laugh every time I watch a new video. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the "What the Heck" video the other day.
this teacher in the heartland is still laughing

Dear Bed,
I hear you calling. Since it is officially Sunday now, I guess I better "sleep fast" as my momma used to say. I think that 6 a.m. will come early tomorrow/today.
Stretched too thin in spite of my thickening middle,
~ a tired, worn out blogger/teacher/mom/crafter/reader/writer/housecleaner

So, I better hit the hay. Tomorrow is already here. I could write umpteen more of these letter. I love them. Thank you my blogging friend. Happy Sunday. It's going to be a busy one!

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