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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Five for Friday on a Saturday....

Today I am posting five "random" things from my week and they are not about school. I hardly ever have a time where I *just* focus on myself and my family, even in summer. But the past week has been all about my family. Hop over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to read about everyone's week.
1. I found a FABULOUS coffee place in Hutch, where I teach. Here is my coffee drink and the adorable little sample that the barista brought for my friend. This drink is called the Jo Momma. It was made by barista Joe,  the owner of Scuttlebutts. This was fun!!

2. I splurged on my wardrobe! I got a new vest/jacket and leggings. Is that tie-dye on there? Yes it is!!! I got them at a fair trade store while I was out with my teacher tribe. Hmmm.... I guess I did do something school related this week, but it falls in the category of self-care for me.
3. I made my daughter a comforter. It's not professional quality. But she will have something to remember how much her Momma loves her, no matter what. I made a comforter 18 years ago for my other daughter and she still carries with her. So it was time to make one for my youngest girl. I made the top out of bandannas and the back out of a twin sized sheet.

 4. I got to meet this cutie!!

 And I haven't spent time with this beauty for approximately 10 years. (minus the photo bomber who I see every day). Here is the abbreviated story.... I raised this girl. She was 6 years old (and I was a very young 20) when she and her sister came to live with us. Lots of turmoil later, we parted ways. And now, we are restoring our relationship. So this reunion was a matter of the heart. I was blessed beyond measure to see her and to hear those words, "I understand, I forgive...." This might be my favorite moment all year. It is so special.

5. Fun with the fam!! We have a TON of birthdays in July. And the Redhead is home right now so we just HAD to celebrate. A little home made ice cream, so gift exchanging, and some cupcakes! 
My sisters birthday is July 24 and Punky's is the 26th.

The Redhead wasn't home when it was her birthday. So she needed to be included in this.

12 candles.

Gluten free cupcakes for all!
 That is five things from a busy, family filled week. I am blessed, exhausted and my heart is full. I have been enriched and challenged. My week was full of laughter and hard work and blessing.

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  1. I love the quilt you made and the new clothes you bought! Fun times, for sure!