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Thursday, July 21, 2016

My life just gets gooder and gooder.....

Today we are supposed to write about why I teach for our BTL blogging challenge.
But my mind is elsewhere today. And let's face it, in the middle of July it is difficult to wrap my head around the WHY of what I love about teaching. I can spout off the canned reasons and quotes all day. But today I am thinking about something else.

Today I became a car owner. Of a nicer car than I have ever had before. And it was a gift. What?! Yes. a gift.

So here's the long version.

I had a van, it was not an expensive van, it was a little bit ugly, and little old, but it drove really nice. And it was a good vehicle for us. Dependable. Decent gas mileage.

Then, on the way to work on a Friday morning, we hit a deer. And the front hood was a mess and long story short, there was over $5000 worth of body work necessary to repair it. This is the van I bought for $500. Liability only insurance. Pretty much totaled as far as insurance is concerned. However, I only had liability on it. Sad news.
I couldn't find a better picture of the van. But here it is in the background, after we "borrowed" it from my family.

But the good news was that I owned another car. I was letting a family member drive it because I didn't need two cars and their family did need a second car. I got the trusty ole Saturn back and signed over the van to them. If they got it legal again, they could just have it.
The old Saturn saw us through a LOT! Many trips back and forth from the OK panhandle!
Great! Everything was worked out! But the good. ole. Saturn was just that. Good and old. I was used to putting oil in on a regular basis. But then it started using 2 quarts of oil in a week. That's a lot. And then it got to the place where it wasn't dependable anymore.

So I borrowed the van back from my family. The good news was that they weren't using it and it was available to borrow. But now time is marching on and here I am, still driving the van. I got rid of the poor old Saturn, which brings me to a point where I don't actually own a car.

Okay.... so good things are happening left and right in my life. But in this situation, I can't help but worry. I found out that my family was going to need the van back soon due to a change in employment. I have been choking down a panicky feeling in my throat. I knew that there was a chance I could get a car through the Circles of McPherson County group that I am currently a part of. But the availability of donated cars is completely unpredictable and they never know when it going to happen. Also, there is the application process and making sure you have your ducks in a row, which thankfully, I do have. I have the reciprocity hours necessary to qualify.

And..... to bring my longish story to a close: I am now the proud owner of a 2009 Chevy Impala.  I feel extremely blessed and grateful!

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  1. This is so wonderful, I'm so happy for you! I didn't even know about hitting the deer - how did I miss that? Best news is you are all safe and now, the new car! :-)