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Friday, July 1, 2016

BTL Blogging Challenge! Yay!

Currently. Today we are challenged to use Farley's format of Currently, a linky party she hosted on the first of the month that tells what we are Listening to, Loving, Thinking, Wanting, Needing. Farley always changed up the last one, Michelle's last category this month is to share what we Hope to get out of this blogging challenge. Head to Big Time Literacy to read everyone's Currently!

I made a grid-thingy for my Currently. It is not fancy because I am not actually tech-savvy (please don't tell anyone), even though I graduated from a technologically forward thinking college.  But if you are like me and you like the format that we used for Farley's Currently, then you can use this one. Paste it into power point, fill out the chart, save as a jpeg file and you are set and ready!

 Here is my Currently in a nice little grid and I'll expound on each one briefly below. 

Listening.... since it rained I was able to open the windows again this morning. It's a little humid, but worth it to get that fresh air smell and to win the love and affection of my cat who prowls around daily demanding that I open the window for him. This was my morning "sound of silence" which has since been replaced with the sound of Netflix in the background.

Loving.... it's been a little bit of a busy summer. But I love the luxury of sleeping in and planning my days around reading, meetings, professional development, appointments, etc. I have rejuvenated my spirit by getting together with my teaching tribe, being active in a group called Circles, making new friends, and professional development opportunities!
Tie-dying is cathartic for me. I spent an entire day making shirts and socks.

This is me, reading, while my daughter and her friend swim in our friend's pool.

We got snocones and consumed them in the park.

Most of my teaching tribe on an adventure to the teacher store and lunch!

Thinking.... I've been pushing against my past and my childhood for all my life. And it doesn't bring real change. Real change takes willingness. But it only takes a small dose of willingness and a lot of persistence. Real change also takes a team of cheerleaders. I know that my students need 3 positives to 1 negative (and some kids need to more positives than that to balance out the negatives). When the people around me tell me that they believe in me, notice when I do things right and I feel cared about and competent, that is when real change occurs for me. I am not really different than my students. But finally, finally, finally, the miracle is starting to happen for me. Never give up on the miracle. It usually happens when I'm about to give up.
My friend Brenda from Circles. These people do not give up on me. And the miracle is happening.

Wanting.... an easy button for parenting. Last summer I ordered the book Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky Bailey. I didn't crack the cover last summer. But this year I am persevering. So right now I am in chapter 3 and reading about the Seven Discipline Skills. I am learning a lot and trying to focus on the positive. One of the big things she stresses at the beginning of the book is that whatever we focus on, increases. This is not new news to me. But I am really focusing on this as an attitude and lifestyle, not just parenting.

Needing.... to do those things I said I would do this summer. Numero uno on the list was the Punky's dresser and she still does not have it. I also vowed to get some painting done in my home and insulation installed in the basement. These projects will give me a sense of accomplishment as well as improving our quality of life.
This is the "before" picture. Time to transform this....

Hoping.... to get my writing mojo back. I seem to have lost interest in my blog. And writing is cathartic for me. I love to write, professionally and personally. So I am hoping to get back to it! I have been a faithful challenger since Michelle started this and I love it. I'm hoping to be faithful and blog daily (or nearly daily) and reignite my passion for blogging.


  1. I'm so glad you're writing, and that we're blogging friends! How crazy is it that we're internet friends who have never met? One of things I never dreamed would happen when I started writing three years ago!
    Where is the middle of Chicago and Kansas? I have a lot of expenses in July, but maybe in Aug we could meet up - Alyce too and anyone else I'm forgetting? Catch a baseball game in St. Louis, not sure if that's the middle?
    Anyways, I'm thankful for our friendship. I hope you get your writing mojo back this month, too! Writing brings us so much joy!

    1. I am thankful also. I would love a St. Louis meet up! Not sure my budget will allow that this year! I am very grateful for you in my life!

  2. I'm hoping to get my writing MOJO back too! It looks like you have a great plan for the summer!

    Primary On The Prowl

    1. I hope we all come away inspired to write and get our writing mojo back with a vengeance!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful summer and get all those things accomplished! I feel you 100% on the raising the teen! You just never know what is going on in their brains! I would love an easy button as well! Can't wait to read more from you!


    1. Thanks! Those teenage brains are baffling!

  4. I need my writing mojo back, too! I've been out of school a week and I'm already starting to feel the excitement for what I do creeping back.

    I love your hair color, it looks great on you! I'm going to go pretty bright red, too. I need a bit of change :)

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

    1. I love my red hair! I miss my highlights a little but my hair needed a break. I hope we all get our mojo back!

  5. I am also trying to get my writing mojo back! Looks like many of us are. I"m hoping this challenge helps us all to do just that. Good luck!