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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hometown Attractions....

Today's prompt was Hometown attractions. I was planning to write about something else. But this got ahold of me. Here are a few thing I love about my little, rural town.
The beautiful McPherson Opera House. It has been beautifully restored. There are places to hold receptions, and family gatherings, as well as a beautiful stage for entertainment acts and sometimes movies or plays.

Neighbors Cafe. A little bit of nostalgia. Old fashioned diner, fantastic folks, one of a kind food. My favorite is going in for breakfast food. The food is good. Like I really want to get Guy out here to eat it and talk about it on Triple D. But more than the food, I love the people, the atmosphere. It's fun and everyone is family. I love bringing friends here.
Main Street Deli. Lovingly referred to as "the Deli." If you eat at the Deli, plan to smell like the Deli for the rest of the day. But oh.... it's worth it! Great sandwiches and soups and homemade desserts. The pies.... to die for. Cheese cake. Oh yes.

For such a small town, it amazes me that we support 2 great coffee shops. Craft Coffee Parlor and The Well. They aren't Starbucks. And that is cool. The coffee drinks are pretty amazing.

I love our parks. Wall Park in particular. I used to walk there. I don't walk now. I'm so sad about that. 
But maybe I'll get back to walking before summer is over. I hope so. 

I dream about going to KC to a Royals game, and we don't really have famous eateries here. But what we have has heart. It's quaint. Endearing. My town has a lot that I love. Not least of all..... my home, with our newly acquired fence. And we have two colleges, both of them small, private, Christian colleges.  One of them save my life 28+ years ago, when I was a young college student in the throes of a disease called alcoholism. But that is another story.

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