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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanks... S is for....

Today is letter S of T.H.A.N.K.S. for a week of Thanks and linking up with Blog Hoppin'. Hop over and read all of them! They are inspiring, for sure.
Letter S is for.... Serenity. and sunsets. and sunrises. 

S is for serenity that I have too little of. But I keep chasing it, knowing that it is a vital part of health and happiness. I know that learning to prioritize and let go of the things that are not vital is a big part of learning to be serene in all circumstances. This year, we leave the house just as the sun starts to color the sky and we see the most amazing sunrises. We leave the school just in time to see the most glorious sunsets.  If those don't bring just a little serenity, then what will? I am so blessed and I try to remember that in the splendor of the early morning and the brilliance of the evening dusk.


  1. Your "S" is right on!! I am in desperate need of more SERENITY! I'm making that my goal for the week! So glad I found your through the linky!

  2. I agree that sometimes serenity is something we chase, knowing we need it, but can't always seem to grasp it! It is often hard for me to let go of things that are not important, and I often have too much on my plate. I am slowly learning how to say no to too many commitments and also how to prioritize for my health and family too! Baby steps! :)