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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Five "random" things from our week....

Here is the look at our week. There were several days this week that I thought maybe I should blog just about a specific event or happenings in one day, but let's be honest, I just don't have time right now. I have to cram it into one post. The best, most-fun way (if you ask me.... ) is to link up with Casey at Doodlebugs, so here are my five for the week.

 1. I kind of dropped the ball on Veteran's Day this year. My usual Veteran (my Dad) had plans already by the time I called him.  The day before Veteran's Day one of my students told me that his Dad was retired from the Marines. So I sent a last minute email and our classroom guest (who came back from working out of town on the very day) gave us some of his time on Veteran's Day.

Students listening closely to our Veteran

Our Veteran is the parent this young learner who stood beside his Dad for the entire time.
Our guest shared about his experience in the Marines and what being a part of the armed forces meant to him.

I downloaded the free Thank You letter templates from TpT.
Get them HERE. Thank you Sally at Elementary Matters!
 2. Read Aloud time. This week  on some days I had Fourth Grade students take over reading our chapter in our Humphrey book. It gives them a chance to practice reading with expression. It also helps them focus on their leadership roles in the classroom.

This is the first day a student read the story. With reading they
get to sit in my "teacher chair." 

 3. This may be the most beautiful our Sugar Maple has been in the seven winters in this home. I am counting the year we lived in Oklahoma as well since we drove by and checked on "our house" every time we were in town.

 4. We are having our all-school Thanksgiving dinner this week on Tuesday night and a parent volunteer came in and helped students make decorations for the middle of the table. She had everything prepared ahead of time and it went so smooth and worked out so nice. I have all their finished products drying on a shelf but forgot to take a picture!
Ms. Wagner giving instructions

A Kinder-buddy with his finished product

This little Firstie is coming out of his shell! We even showed me his turkey.
He is painfully shy and it has been a true joy to watch him blossom in First grade! 

This Fourth grader happens to be the daughter of our volunteer, her dog Gracie
came along to supervise the progress on our craft project.

5. I have never witnessed a more determined child when it comes to overcoming and learning something new! We got to meet up with Red (college girl, who I still call the Redhead, even though her hair is black at the moment) and go roller skating. My Punky has not been skating a lot and is not accomplished at it.  But she worked, and worked, and worked, and WORKED at it.  She also fell, and fell and fell.... oh my! Her improvement and determination were remarkable and made it a memorable day for this Momma!
Gaining balance, speed (not much, but definite gains) and ability
each time she came around! 

Coming off the skating floor to find out why Mom and Red are not skating! 
Family, Fun and Education. What more could this teacher ask for? Do you have parent volunteers in your school? We are fortunate enough to have an art and music program in our school, which I am so grateful for! But we also have willing parents who just want to lend support in any way they can, which is also very cool and I was so glad for the opportunity to put that willingness to use! Our school is having a Thanksgiving potluck for our school families this week and I am looking forward to it. What does your school do to encourage school/family relationships?

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