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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Letters

I am linking up with Michelle at Big Time Literacy for Sunday Letters, a fun little linky! Hop over and read everyone's letters!

Dear Michelle,
Reading your letters today inspired me, thanks so much for sharing your heart. I love that you are motivating yourself to pursue your heart's desire. That is my hope for the future as well, to find my passion and believe in myself and go for it! 
Your bloggy-land friend, 

Dear Kansas Governor,
I am heart-broken that you are in office and that our chance at improving education in the state of Kansas has been crippled so deeply. I am also saddened to read about the state questioning teachers unpaid days off as part of our negotiated agreements. I feel my rights being stripped away and my desire to pour my heart and soul into my classroom in those long summer hours and weekends and holiday breaks is dwindling fast. I am now implementing my "three-year-plan" to be prepared to leave this great state is need by in order to salvage my teaching career in a state that I have loved for so long. 
Disenchanted teacher

Dear holiday season,
Remember when you brought me so much joy? Now you bring fear of economic ruin and constant worry, sleepless nights and more. On this year of "no gifts" I am already $50 in debt just for the family pictures to distribute at the holidays. I feel my serenity and attitude of gratitude becoming more difficult to find than ever before. I pray these feelings of "perhaps Christmas doesn't come from a store...." will return with a vengeance in the very near future. 
penniless peasant

Dear children that live with me,
You cannot know how much I love you and long for you when you are gone. I love knowing you are asleep in the basement and hearing your music thumping in your room. I love your life and very presence. I pray I might be worthy of you. 
your adoring mother

Dear students,
I hope you know how much this teacher loves and cares about your well-being. Don't think I haven't said a prayer for each of you at one time or another and don't ever think that another students trouble outshines your achievement. I know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but your quiet efforts do not go unnoticed. You are appreciated and I know how fortunate I am to have such a great class of loving and hard-working students. 
With respect and admiration,
Ms. Horn


  1. I'm sorry Kansas is having as bad of a time as NC. I hope it gets better for both of us!

    Primary on the Prowl

  2. Hi there! Thanks for linking up and for the letter! I have no idea how to pursue my next set of goals, but it's at least percolating in my brain!
    I love your letter to your kiddos. I hope one day I get to know that kind of love!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Education is in a sad state in many places. For the sake of our kiddos, I hope it improves. Have a great week!

    A Very Curious Class