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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving, letter A is for....

So I can't believe I am really this late to the party! Ugh! I realized I missed the beginning of the Thanks-giving linky, but I didn't realize that H was yesterday's letter. Okay, I can kind of believe that I am late, but today I will post again and cover the letter A. Golly, if I feel ambitious I might go back and do the letter T. Thanks to the gals at Blog Hoppin' for hosting this! Hop on over and read or link up!

Today I am linking up with something I am thankful for that begins with letter A. I have to confess, I did some blog-stalking before making a decision. I loved many of the other things! One teacher friend is thankful for a good book or two, and another is thankful for appliances, but the one that hooked me in is Attitude.

There is not a lot I can control in life. I can't control that fact that right about the time teaching and I discovered that we were a perfect match, education started getting hit HARD and it's taking a beating! I can vote, and I can try to raise awareness to the really great teaching practices that are in place today, and I can learn and grow and be the best I can be, but that is about it. But I can choose not to get hung up on that. I can choose not to let the politics, paperwork, hoops and ever-growing pressures drive me away from a profession that I am passionate about. Sometimes (lately) I have felt beat down, misunderstood, lonely and alone. But I know that whatever I focus on, increases. So I have to focus on everything that is right. I have a choice today and I can spread positivity and love to a class of really great kids and increase their desire to learn, or I can get muddled down in my own stuff and lose focus.  It's up to me. I bring the atmosphere to our class and it's my attitude that drives our learning.

This is true in every area of my life. So I better keep on the positive and focus on the good. When I focus on the good, the good increases. I am thankful that I can choose my attitude and that when I get down, or discouraged and just grumpy, I have the power to make a different choice and change it.

I am thankful for my ability to adjust my attitude.

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