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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Currently November

Yay! Time for Currently! Head over and read everyone's Currently! You can link up too! Thanks Farley!
I have recently discovered The Glades. It is not my first choice for a new show to watch, but I am running out of shows that I really like.

Loving.... I know it looks like I don't love my life, but I do! I just can't think of that one thing today. I love that I got to see the Redhead yesterday. I love that I am teaching school this year. I love that my little one got to go on a trip with her grandparents. I am loving the fall colors!

Thinking... I love it that my daughter got to go with my folks on their trip to the Ozarks, but I can't stop thinking about her and missing her and wanting to love on her.

Wanting.... an easy button. I am hitting that wall with all the differentiation necessary to succeed at teaching so many grade levels this year. I know that "easy" comes after a long time of working hard, but I am ready for the "easy" side!

Needing....  I think I summed it up in the wanting section.

Reading.... In class, we are reading Humphrey's Adventures. If you haven't read it before, it is about a classroom pet, a hamster named Humphrey. I am not reading the books I wish I were reading right now. I want to read and re-read The Daily Five as well as The Next Step in Guided Reading. I want to peruse websites like BIE to learn about project-based learning, and I love to read blogs and trashy magazines. I am not reading anything deep, professional or spiritual. But I grab snippets in articles and short essays on blogs. That's all the "me" (ha.... mostly I want to read about work!) time I have these days. Short and sweet, or there is no time. **** READING**** Just realized I should share: my daughter, the fifth grader, has always been a struggling reader... until now! This year she tested ahead of the average on reading and she has discovered a love of reading! She is reading So B. It by Sarah Weeks and loving it. I loved it too when I read it.

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  1. I bet you daughter is love the trip! I loved being able to go with my grandparents on vacation. :) Let me know if you ever figure out the "easy button" I could use one too. I have one class that is just working me over this year. Keep smiling!
    Simple Insights