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Monday, December 1, 2014

December.... Currently!

I can't believe it is December already! Wow! This year has flown! It is time to link up with Farley for Currently!

I gave in. Usually I am the one with the music on early, early and this year my kids are the ones getting me in the spirit! But I find that no matter how "bah humbug" I feel about obligations and financial woes, listening to Christmas music almost always lifts my spirits. So as I work on things in my classroom, I have Pandora on to a Christmas station.

Loving.... an oldie but a goodie! This year at the beginning of the school year I bought "Editable Classroom Organization Labels: Black, White, and a hint of yellow" from The Brown Bag Teacher! I am still printing and laminating! I love them! I used them to make a class schedule with magnets on the backs, classroom jobs, various labels around the room, and finally, to label my NEW 20 drawer cart. This might go in the "giving" part too.... This is one of the best purchases I've made. I encourage everyone to find something simple that they can edit and diversify! What a life-saver! Check it out HERE.

Lately I've been wanting to make changes to my home. A fence for the back yard, finish the basement, re-stain my kitchen cupboards and paint already! I bought paint this past summer to add some color to my dining and living areas and it still hasn't made it to the walls!

Needing.... peace of mind. I am haunted by every bad or even mediocre decision I have ever made. I wish often for peace. But I am dreadful at just letting it go.

Giving.... this one had me stumped for a minute. I don't feel like I have anything to give. So... I will definitely give my thanks to the wonderful teachers who blog, share freebies and create lesson enhancing activities that I can get through Teachers Pay Teachers or Teaching Network. Thank you so much, you enhance and enrich my life and make it better.

Giving.... here are some ideals I need to take to heart:

Lastly, I leave a gift of a few things that "save" me in my education world. Blog sites that share high quality freebies. I like The Moffatt Girls! She shares high-quality products and is not over-priced! I like Jen Ross, Teacher by the Beach! This lady pours her heart and soul into her products and produces a LOT of primary resources!! Lately I have discovered Laura Candler for goodies for many grade levels and a great math resource is: Games-4-Learning on teachers pay teachers. I love this one because I can find games for skills for multiple grade levels.

I wish I had more to give, but hopefully you found inspiration for peace and serenity and possibly a new resource to check out! Happy Holidays, wishing peace to all.


  1. I think Christmas music is one of the best motivators in the classroom! Can't help but smile when I hear some good oldies! I also love the Moffatt Girls and instantly covet everything Annie creates. A great suggestion for us primary teachers!

    Paiges of Learning

  2. I feel a little "bah humbug" about some of my holiday obligations we have this weekend. You are not alone there! Seems like everybody is having a holiday party, ugh.

    I hope you can find the peace you are searching for. Deep breaths!

  3. I also have the Christmas music blasting! Another great website to check out is Songza. It's free, no account necessary, and no commercials! They have a neat Christmas Pop station.