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Friday, December 5, 2014

Five for Friday.... posted on Friday! Whoot!!

I actually got my FIVE done on Friday! Five random things from our week. The reason that I was able to do this however, is because I am home with a sick kiddo today. I worked well into the evening adjusting my plans since the sub didn't teach what I had planned yesterday. Then I realized that since my child felt WORSE after a nap and comfort food I could easily need sub plans again today. So I stayed up late hunting for lessons that the sub would actually feel comfortable enough to take on.  But today has been pretty mellow, as I post this in my pj's from my couch. 

 1. This student had a birthday on Monday and brought treats for us! We sang "Happy Birthday" to him! What do you do with your birthday students?

We played heads up 5up. I know, I know, the game is Head up 7up. But we have a small class, so we changed it to 5up.

 2. Cowtown Field Trip....
sipping hot apple cider in the story and a half house

grinding coffee and spices like they did in the 1870's
We kicked off our One Room Schoolhouse Christmas Project on Wednesday with a field trip to Cowtown Museum in Wichita where we experienced an 1870's Christmas. The above photos were taken in the "Story and a half" house which was very dark, so the photos are dark.

 3. We went to the one room schoolhouse for a lesson. Below is a copy of one of the readers that they used.

Mr. Martens reading from the reader
I took this photo of a tree in the one room schoolhouse
 so we can see the decorations and possibly recreate some of them.

The Cowtown ladies giving us instructions to make
 the decorations we got to take back with us. 

Ready for our self-guided tour! 
In the funeral parlor... 
Each class had five students who volunteered to participate
 in the 1870's Christmas Eve Church Program re-enactment. 
Our angel was a little bit hidden during the production.

4. Look who we ran into on the way out! My little learner's were so excited!

Ayden, Rodney, and Cameron with Santa
Some of our students could be on the channel 3 news at noon on Tuesday, December 9th, so check that out parents and family memebers! Set your DVR! ;)

5. Below is an image of me upon receiving updates from my classroom. Teacher friends, do you have a hard time just going with the flow when there's a substitute? Oh boy! I have such a hard time just going with the flow! (Please don't tell my students, they think I am an old pro at flexibility).
Who me? A control freak? Yep.
I'm praying for my Punkin and I'm still stressed out about missing school, but at least I don't have the bad-mom guilt because I went to work when I should have been home with my girl. I often work instead of focusing on my kid, and I HATE, HATE, HATE not being in the classroom, but I know I made the right call this time. Happy Friday Y'all.

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