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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday letters, Dec. 7

I am joining up with my friends for Sunday Letters a linky hosted by Big Time Literacy!
Dear Santa,
I still have not received the easy button I requested several years ago. If this could come before the big day, it would make things so much EASIER.
Your Frantic Helper,
a teacher in the midwest

Dear Substitute Teacher,
I spent HOURS preparing the work you ignored when my child was sick and I was out of my classroom. Thank you for insuring that I will have plenty to teach this week since I have two days to re-teach from last week. Nothing invokes guilt for missing work like having your plans ignored.
frustrated and frazzled,
guilty mom and teacher

Dear Child,
Please don't get sick. EVER. Our time away from school is so precious that I don't want to give it up to a sickbed. My feeling of impending doom with cough and sputter is not one that I wish to repeat anytime soon. I now know that although my class will survive without me, I don't look forward to mopping up the mess that was left by an unsuspecting substitute.
Pleading for wellness,
your Momma

Dear Christmas Spirit,
Where did you go? Why are you harder and harder to find every season? Why must I hunt for you in the nooks and crannies of my soul? Please return soon and bring with you the joy of giving and the magic of the season.
The Grinchy One

Dear Bestie,
Thank you for always knowing what I need and lending an ear. I am grateful that someone from "back in the day" can assure me that what I feel is not really all that crazy, given all we walked through. Thank you for loving me even when I am not all that lovely.
Best Friends Forever

Some things in life can't be wrapped up in a cute and slightly sarcastic letter. My friends of faith, please remember us this season, I have no words to explain but to say that the holidays are hard for many and our household is no exception.


  1. Sorry you've had a tough week and just think- two more weeks until a wonderful, relaxing break. I hope you get to embrace and enjoy it!

  2. Definitely sending a few prayers over your way and a few to that sub, too, who didn't follow your plans!
    Happy Holidays,