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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tell Me Something Good... a Linky Party!

Tell me something good. Link up with Rowdy in First Grade and read about something good. She made a great point, we are in need of some good news these days with all the tragedy recently. The "rule" is to tell one good thing from home and one good thing from school.

Here is my good thing from school... you'll never believe it if you know me at all. We got a classroom pet. A hamster. Yes, a hamster. A rodent will be living under my roof for the summer. Are you kidding me?! I don't know how many times my children have heard that we will NOT have a rodent of any kind and I don't care what your reason is or how cute you think they might be! Some weird lack of skepticism overtook me when I read that email: Teachers: free to good home (blah, blah, blah)... and here he (she?) is.

The lady we got him from thinks that "he" is a "she." She is not particularly cuddly (I took this to mean that she isn't friendly), and she is very fast, the fastest kind of hamster there is. Well.... I guess we won't hold her and cuddle her. She is also very small.  Her name is (was) Cottonball.  We will discuss names tomorrow and students will write a journal entry about what they think will be the best name for her. Anyway... I was surprised at how excited I was to have her and how comforting and enjoyable it was to watch her. It was fun and I am happy about it.

Something good from home. Hmmmm. That one is harder. Well, there are some good things in my life, but they are not really at home or school. They are sort of just life. Okay, this is something I've talked about a lot lately, but... I think my other "good thing" is the four day week. Oh yeah. Because I am officially "over the hump" this week. We have SO MUCH TO DO in the next weeks/months as we move back to our HOME and our friends and family and the stress level is high so an extra day to pack, clean, organize and SLEEP IN is very, very welcome. So while you all are having a regular "hump day" Wednesday tomorrow, I will secretly counting my Wednesday as Thursday since Thursday is the new Friday in my world. Can you hear me grinning? I don't have a picture of this. But here's a screen shot of the weather forecast and it includes Friday and Saturday. Lookin' Good! 


  1. How brave to have a class pet! I bet your kids are just thrilled! Found you through the linky party! I'm a new follower!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Yes! After I got her I thought.... Brave or stupid? But I am excited! I have been home two days with sick ones, a child and now myself. Ugh. I love new followers! Hooray!

  2. So jealous of your Fridays off! Eager for you to be back in the area. Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family