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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Important Stuff for my lil Tigers and their parents!

  • Book Orders were due Friday but I didn't remind students, so I will still accept orders on Monday. If you order online you receive a coupon for your next order (yay!). I will receive an email when you order an I'll place the order including the online order with mine. Thanks! Scholastic books are a great way to add to your child's library at minimal cost. 
  • Testing. 3rd and 4th grade are taking the OCCT test this week and we might have to be extra careful in the halls and remember to be flexible. Our class is pretty good at this, so I am not worried. 
  • Reminder! Tis the season. For water bottles. Students cannot drink enough water from the water fountain to meet their body's needs even if they could drink to their heart's content and with 20 students in line, they cannot drink enough and still be respectful of their classmates. So please consider sending a water bottle to school for your child. It needs to have a sport top lid. 
  • Kindergarten students need plenty of sleep. One study says they need as much as 13 hours a night but the study that seems more appropriate says they need about 11 hours of sleep. So if your child gets up at 6:30 in the morning, they need to go to bed as early as 7:30 in order to be rested. Most of us have Spring fever, but there is still so much to master before the end of the year! Rested bodies will make it easier to focus.
  • We have talked about respect all year and I've modeled it. But apparently not enough. So we will be practicing respect for our school and doing character development exercises.  Kindergarten students are expected to be responsible for their actions. 
These little Tigers are fantastic! They can do it! Thanks parents for your support.

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