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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Moments

The life of a blogger.... I now take pictures of EVERYTHING. I take pictures of what I made for dinner, a plant, my pets, my kids (I took those already), new activities for school... everything. Who else has changed the number of pictures they take, or what they take pictures of? Most of my pictures this week are random and not-so-school-related, so watch for them in my Five for Friday, or some other upcoming random post.

Today I trusted my Kinders to a sub and we made the trek to Kansas to say goodbye to Grandma Katherine. Who else hates to let go of control long enough to let someone else teach their class? I hate it. But it seemed important to me to go back and pay tribute to a woman who was the matriarch of several families throughout the years and lived to be 100 years old. She was an amazing woman and it was good to be with family and celebrate her life.

I made a letter s-word write the room paper to add to centers this week. I also spiffied up the centers. I put "cool" pencils in the write the room center and put the pencil top erasers on them and finger grips.  In the writing center I added new markers, new crayons, and stickers, new stationary and different colored writing papers, as week as new envelopes and some papers for making lists, and lined paper for writing. I even brought up a table just for the writing center. Due to how small our room is, we've been getting the supplies out of the center and going to a table (desk area) to do writing centers. I wanted all that organization to stay in one place though. After commenting about photos... I didn't take a picture of this! Ugh. Maybe I'll add it later. We are still in Kansas, heading home tomorrow, after meeting up with the cousins in the morning for a cup of coffee. I took a picture of the "write the room" paper I made, which was tedious and time consuming considering I thought it would easy and quick. These were part of the reason I spent the afternoon at school on Sunday and my very own dear children walked up to the school in the afternoon because I told them we'd go find the vendor that was selling funnel cakes. I mean, who doesn't like a funnel cake? The truth be told, I don't like them as much as I thought I did. After about 5 bites, I was overwhelmed with their sugary sweetness and I forced myself to eat about half of it. Maybe I'll split one with one of my other kiddos next time. Look.... don't you just want one now?
funnel cake anyone?
Here we are doing a wiggle song. Why do I love this picture? Because you can see by the blurry bodies that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing: moving! We are wiggling to one of our favorite songs by Harry Kindergarten: If You're A Kid. They love the "and stop!" They dramatically put themselves in different positions right before the "and stop" so they can be stopped in cool poses (like in the photo).

The ice here in central/south-central Kansas is beautiful and I didn't take pictures of that either. The heavier ice is really, really pretty but it is wreaking havoc and devastation. The trees with the ornamental blossoms are suffering. The ice must really cling and get heavy because those are the branches I have seen lying on the ground the most. I hope that the budding trees will be protected inside the covering of ice, and won't die. 

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